• Subculture Vulture

    Subculture Vulture

    Kasher, Moshe

    "After bottoming out, being institutionalized, and getting sober all by the tender age of fifteen, Moshe Kasher found himself asking: OK, so what else is out there? Over the ensuing decades, he found his way to the answer: a lot. From his current vantage point as a successful stand-up comic, Kasher looks back on his years careening from subculture to subculture, and he immerses readers in the hilariously strange nuances of each of the scenes he's found himself in. Immediately after getting sober, Kasher began serving as the self-appointed sheriff of his Young People's AA group. He then went on...

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  • A Map of Future Ruins

    A Map of Future Ruins

    Markham, Lauren

    "A provocative, virtuosic inquiry that reveals how the valorization of times and migrations past are intimately linked to our exclusion and demonization of migrants in the present. When and how did migration become a crime? Why did "Greek ideals" become foundational to the West's idea of itself? How have our personal migration myths -and our nostalgia for a lost world of clear borders and values - shaped our troubling new realities? In 2020, Lauren Markham went to Greece to cover the burning of a refugee camp on Lesbos. Some said the refugees had done it, to destroy what had become...

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  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    The Pursuit of Happiness

    Rosen, Jeffrey

    "The Declaration of Independence identified "the pursuit of happiness" as one of our unalienable rights, along with life and liberty. Jeffrey Rosen, the president of the National Constitution Center, profiles six of the most influential founders--Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton--to show what pursuing happiness meant in their lives. By reading the classical Greek and Roman moral philosophers who inspired the Founders, Rosen shows us how they understood the pursuit of happiness as a quest for being good, not feeling good--the pursuit of lifelong virtue, not short-term pleasure. Among those virtues were the...

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  • Ten Bridges I've Burnt

    Ten Bridges I've Burnt

    Purnell, Brontez

    "A wrenching, sexy, and exhilaratingly energetic memoir in verse."-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Paris Walks

    Paris Walks

    Neiman, Roosje

    Experience the City of Lights like a local - on foot. Stroll along cobblestone alleys and grand boulevards, discover chic restaurants and trendy shops, and bask in la vie Parisienne with 'Paris Walks'.

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  • Do the New You

    Do the New You

    Furtick, Steven

    New York Times bestselling author and pastor Steven Furtick shows readers how to find their God-given identity and to grow into the person God designed them to be all along"--Amazon.

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  • The College Student's Guide to Mental Health

    The College Student's Guide to Mental Health

    Nosanow, Mia

    "This comprehensive guidebook covers every factor that can influence the mental health of college students, providing clear guidance for maintaining a healthy and successful lifestyle as students navigate their new life away from home"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Spirituality Is for Every Body

    Spirituality Is for Every Body

    Thompkins, Allison V.

    "Allison Thompkins was born with cerebral palsy and a mission to improve the world for people with disabilities. In this book written with one finger and eye movements, Allison shares eight essential spiritual practices to help people with disabilities connect with the Divine and live joyful, meaning-filled lives: surrender, prayer, grace, synchronicity, meditation, gratitude, service, and connection. Filled with personal stories, mindset advice, and accessible exercises with step-by-step modifications for those with visible disabilities, non-apparent disabilities, or both, this book will strengthen your connection to God, the Universe, and your innermost wisdom as you travel your own path of your...

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  • Growing Bulbs in the Natural Garden

    Growing Bulbs in the Natural Garden

    Kloet, Jacqueline van der

    Be inspired by nature's design! From the earliest snowdrops to alpine violet, tulips, and late autumn crocuses, bulbs add interest and color to the garden throughout the year. Renowned naturalistic garden designer Jacqueline van der Kloet has mastered a nonchalant and magical style, where bulbs emerge playfully, dancing among perennials and grasses. Growing Bulbs in the Natural Garden provides inspiration and insights gained from van der Kloet's career, using nature as a model. This exquisitely photographed guide offers advice on bulb varieties, planting methods, and handy tools for gardeners working in spaces large and small.

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  • 42 Reasons to Hate the Universe

    42 Reasons to Hate the Universe

    Ferrie, Chris

    "Yes, the Universe is beautiful. And, despite all our scientific progress, it's still pretty mysterious. But you know what? The Universe is also kind of an asshole. Consider that you are just a group of atoms structured in a specific way that you can try to understand this thing we call existence. Those same atoms could have just as easily been used to make the dog shit you are cleaning off your shoes. The fact is, when you zoom out and look at the Universe and how it functions, you'll see that it's usually not in our favor. Many of...

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