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If we order an item you suggest, we will attempt to place a hold on it for you. We are unable to place holds on digital items (eBooks and eAudiobooks). Please check the Catalog for these titles.

Digital items (eBooks and eAudiobooks) are not ordered until they have been released. If you're suggesting a new e-book from Macmillan Publishers, access to this title may be delayed because of a restriction by the publisher on public library access. Read more and find out what you can do at Please see Macmillan's website for a list of all of the affected imprints and distributed publishers.

For all other item types, we consider suggestions that are less than three months in advance of publication/release.

Due to the number of suggestions we receive, we cannot notify you if we decide not to order an item you suggest.

If you are an author or publisher, please read our Purchasing Guidelines for Authors and Publishers.

If you have a question or need help, Ask Us or call 206-386-4636.