• American Oligarchs: The Kushners, the Trumps, and the Marriage of Money and Power

    American Oligarchs: The Kushners, the Trumps, and the Marriage of Money and Power

    Bernstein, Andrea

    A multigenerational saga of two families, who rose from immigrant roots to the pinnacle of wealth and power, that tracks the unraveling of American democracy. Award-winning investigative journalist Andrea Bernstein tells the story of the Trump and Kushner families like never before. Their journey to the White House is a story of survival and loss, crime and betrayal, that stretches from the Klondike Gold Rush, through Nazi-occupied Poland and across the American Century, to our new gilded age. In building and maintaining their dynastic wealth, these families came to embody the rising nationalism and inequality that has pushed the United States to the brink of oligarchy. Building on her landmark reporting for the acclaimed podcast Trump, Inc. and The New Yorker, Bernstein's painstaking detective work brings to light new information about the families' arrival as immigrants to America, their paths to success, and the business and personal lives of the president and his closest family members. Bernstein traces how the two families ruthlessly harnessed New York and New Jersey machine politics to gain valuable tax breaks and grew rich on federal programs that bolstered the middle class. She shows how the Trump Organization, denied credit by American banks, turned to shady international capital. She reveals astonishing new details about Charles Kushner's attempts to ensnare his brother-in-law with a prostitute and explores how Jared Kushner and his father used a venerable New York newspaper to bolster their business empire. Drawing on more than two hundred interviews and more than one hundred thousand pages of documents, many previously unseen or long forgotten, Bernstein shows how the Trumps and the Kushners repeatedly broke rules and then leveraged secrecy, intimidation, and prosecutorial and judicial power to avoid legal consequences. The result is a compelling narrative that details how the Trump and Kushner dynasties encouraged and profited from a system of corruption, dark money, and influence trading, and that reveals the historical turning points and decisions--on taxation, regulation, white-collar crime, and campaign finance laws--that have brought us to where we are today.

    Format: Book - 2020

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  • Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Frémont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and Helped Cause the Civil War

    Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Frémont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and Helped Cause the Civil War

    Inskeep, Steve

    "Steve Inskeep tells the riveting story of John and Jessie Fru00e9mont, the husband and wife team who in the 1800s were instrumental in the westward expansion of the United States, and thus became America's first great political couple. John Fru00e9mont grew up amid family tragedy and shame. Born out of wedlock in 1813, he went to work at age thirteen to help support his family in Charleston, South Carolina. He was a nobody. Yet, by the 1840s, he rose to become one of the most acclaimed people of the age--known as a wilderness explorer, bestselling writer, gallant army officer, and latter-day conquistador, who in 1846 began the United States' takeover of California from Mexico. He was a celebrity who personified the country's westward expansion. Mountains, towns, ships, and streets were named after him. How did he climb so far? A vital factor was his wife, Jessie Benton Fru00e9mont, the daughter of a powerful United States senator. Jessie wanted to play roles in politics and exploration, which were then reserved for men. Frustrated, she threw her skill and passion into promoting her husband. Ordered by the US Army to map the Oregon Trail, John traveled thousands of miles on horseback, indifferent to his safety and that of the other members of his expeditions. When he returned home, Jessie helped him to shape dramatic reports of his adventures, which were reprinted in newspapers and bound as popular books. Jessie became his political adviser, and a power player in her own right. In 1856, the famous couple strategized as John became the first-ever presidential nominee of the newly established Republican Party. The party had been founded in opposition to slavery, and though both Fru00e9monts were Southerners they became symbols of the cause. With rare detail and in consummate style, Steve Inskeep tells the story of a couple whose joint ambitions and talents intertwined with those of the nascent United States itself. Americans linked the Fru00e9monts with not one but three great social movements of the time--westward settlement, women's rights, and opposition to slavery. Theirs is a surprisingly modern story of ambition and fame; they lived in a time of globalization, technological disruption, and divisive politics that foreshadowed our own. The Fru00e9monts' adventures amount to nothing less than a tour of the early American soul"--

    Format: Book - 2020

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  • A Wandering Eye: Travels With My Phone

    A Wandering Eye: Travels With My Phone

    Flores-Vianna, Miguel

    Renowned photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna's visual diary of his travels through 14 countries on 5 continents Miguel Flores-Vianna's childhood in Argentina was marked by two constants that he believes shaped the life he chose to lead: travel and books. Perhaps because the country feels like it is located at the end of the world, most Argentines are born with a good dose of wanderlust, and Flores-Vianna had a higher dose than normal. Books helped him discover places both literally and figuratively, creating romantic visions of lands he wanted to visit, and he has gone on to document his peripatetic life with his camera, recording places as he feels they should be rather than as they are. In this irresistible volume, Flores-Vianna shares some 250 of his favorite images taken all over Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas--captured only with his smartphone--in the hope that viewers, seeing the world through his eyes, will learn to love these most wondrous of places as much as he does. (syndetics)

    Format: Book - 2019

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  • Normal: One Kid's Extraordinary Journey

    Normal: One Kid's Extraordinary Journey

    Newman, Magdalena M.

    "Normal. Who is to say what this word means? For Magda Newman, it was a goal. She wanted her son Nathaniel to be able to play on the playground, swim at the beach, enjoy the moments his friends took for granted. But Nathaniel's severe Treacher Collins syndrome -- a craniofacial condition -- meant that other concerns came first. Could he eat without the aid of a gastrointestinal tube? Could he hear? Would he ever be able to breathe effortlessly? But Nathaniel looks at 'normal' from a completely different perspective. In this uplifting and humorous memoir that includes black-and-white comic illustrations, mother and son tell the story of his growing up -- from facing sixty-seven surgeries before the age of fifteen, to making friends, moving across the country, and persevering through hardships. How they tackle extraordinary circumstances with love and resilience is a true testament to Magda and Nathaniel's family, and to families everywhere who quietly but courageously persist."--

    Format: Book - 2020

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  • The Age of Illusions: How America Squandered Its Cold War Victory

    The Age of Illusions: How America Squandered Its Cold War Victory

    Bacevich, Andrew J.

    "A thought provoking and penetrating account of the post-Cold war follies and delusions that culminated in the age of Donald Trump, from the bestselling author of The Limits of Power. When the Cold War ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Washington establishment felt it had prevailed in a world-historical struggle. Our side had won, a verdict that was both decisive and irreversible. For the world's 'indispensable nation, ' its 'sole superpower, ' the future looked very bright. History, having brought the United States to the very summit of power and prestige, had validated American-style liberal democratic capitalism as universally applicable. In the decades to come, Americans would put that claim to the test. They would embrace the promise of globalization as a source of unprecedented wealth, while embarking on wide-ranging military campaigns to suppress disorder and enforce American values abroad, confident in the ability of U.S. forces to defeat any foe. Meanwhile, they placed all their bets on the White House to deliver on the promise of their Cold War triumph: unequaled prosperity, lasting peace, and absolute freedom. In The Age of Illusions, bestselling author Andrew Bacevich takes us from that moment of seemingly ultimate victory to the age of Trump, telling an epic tale of folly and delusion. Writing with his usual eloquence and vast knowledge, he explains how, within a quarter of a century, the United States ended up with gaping inequality, permanent war, moral confusion, and an increasingly angry and alienated population, as well, of course, as the strangest president in American history"--

    Format: Book - 2020

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  • El millonario de la puerta de al lado: los sorprendentes secretos de los millonarios estadounidenses

    El millonario de la puerta de al lado: los sorprendentes secretos de los millonarios estadounidenses

    Stanley, Thomas J.

    "La mayoria de la gente tiene una idea erru00f3nea de cu00f3mo llegar a ser rico: los autu00e9nticos millonarios regatean el precio de los coches de segunda mano, pagan impuestos bajos, cru00edan unos hijos que con frecuencia ignoran que pertenecen a una familia adinerada, y, sobre todo, rechazan llevar el estilo de vida de gran consumo que la mayoru00eda asociamos a la gente rica, "--Amazon.com.

    Format: Book - 2019 Spanish

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  • Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life After Which Everything Was Different

    Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life After Which Everything Was Different

    Palahniuk, Chuck

    "In this spellbinding blend of memoir and insight, bestselling author Chuck Palahniuk shares stories and generous advice on what makes writing powerful and what makes for powerful writing. With advice grounded in years of careful study and a keenly observed life, Palahniuk combines practical advice and concrete examples from beloved classics, his own books, and a "kitchen-table MFA" culled from an evolving circle of beloved authors and artists, with anecdotes, postcards from the road, and much more. Clear-eyed, sensitive, illuminating, and knowledgeable, ...Palahniuk's love letter to stories and storytellers, booksellers and books themselves"--

    Format: Book - 2020

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  • Love Yourself Like your Life Depends on It

    Love Yourself Like your Life Depends on It

    Ravikant, Kamal

    "Addresses our urgent need for self-love in the world today--now expanded with new reader oriented lessons, and a powerful and transformative personal story of the practice in action"--

    Format: Book - 2020

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  • So You Want to Be A U.S. Senator

    So You Want to Be A U.S. Senator

    Radomski, Kassandra

    "So you want to be a U.S. senator? Find out the requirements, the roles and responsibilities, and how you can put yourself on the path to becoming a member of Congress."--

    Format: Book - 2020

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  • A Wild Child's Guide to Endangered Animals

    A Wild Child's Guide to Endangered Animals

    Marotta, Millie

    "This is a collection of beautiful illustrations of 43 endangered animals from around the world. From freshwater to oceans, forests, mountains, tundra and desert, grasslands and wetlands, rare and well-known animals are endangered -- some critically, some less so. Peary caribous, giant garter snakes, giraffes, puffins, and many more appear on these rich and varied pages, in full color hand-drawn illustrations, alive and vivid in the reader's hands. Millie's breathtaking illustrations will be accompanied by the story of each species' endangerment, how they live, what the threat is, and what is being done about it. Complete with a map to show where the species are still to be found, albeit in dwindling or minute numbers, this book is a gorgeous celebration of the animal kingdom"-- (1/19/2020 11:35:02 AM)

    Format: Book - 2019

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