• One: Pot, Pan, Planet

    One: Pot, Pan, Planet

    Jones, Anna

    "Quick, sustainable, and stylish meals from the culinary superstar--Instagram darling, all around "Queen of the Greens" (Deborah Madison-meets-Melissa Clark)--who's poised to break out in the U.S. with a cookbook that perfectly reflects the way we want to cook and eat today"--

    Format: Book

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  • Garbo


    Gottlieb, Robert

    "Award-winning master critic Robert Gottlieb takes a singular and multifaceted look at the life of silver screen legend Greta Garbo, and the culture that worshiped her"--

    Format: Book

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  • Unfollow your Passion

    Unfollow your Passion

    Trespicio, Terri

    "Is following your passion the key to personal and professional success? Your average self-help book or motivational speaker would likely respond to this question with a resounding YES and proceed to offer a detailed how-to guide to finding that passion and living up to it. Unfollow Your Passion does the unconventional opposite. In the spirit of Pixar's Soul, it encourages you to consider what you lose when you get laser-focused on a single pursuit. There is more to life than a single "spark." By narrowly focusing on the constant search for your one, defining passion-you might miss the infinite number...

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  • Your Intuition Led You Here

    Your Intuition Led You Here

    Naranjo, Alex

    "Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas, the owners of the biggest metaphysical shop on the West Coast, House of Intuition, have a clear mission: to bring the life-changing experience of magic to a world that needs magic more than ever. Your Intuition Led You Here is a practical beginner's guide to magic that helps people achieve healing, transformation, empowerment, and personal growth. It also shares their personal story as LGBTQ Latinx women and their unlikely journey to becoming champions of magic as a tool of self-care and empowerment. With wit, lightness, and accessibility, Alex and Marlene guide you through the process...

    Format: Book

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  • Human Anatomy

    Human Anatomy

    Ashwell, Ken

    With large, colorful graphics, and simple explanations, Barron's Visual Learning: Human Anatomy is the ultimate user-friendly resource for anatomy learners. Inside you'll find easy-to-follow diagrams, detailed illustrations, and mindmaps for key topics.

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  • Chemistry


    Sezer, Ali O.

    "A step-by-step visual guide to chemistry with clear illustrations. With large, colorful graphics and simple explanations, Barron's Visual Learning Chemistry is the ultimate user-friendly resource for chemistry learners. Inside you'll find easy-to-follow diagrams, detailed illustrations, and mind maps for key topics, including: Nuclear chemistry; The Periodic Table of Elements; Chemical bonding; Molecular structure; solution chemistry; Acids and bases, and much more"--Back cover.

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  • Go Back to Where You Came From

    Go Back to Where You Came From

    Ali, Wajahat

    "A rollercoaster ride of a memoir, by turns hilarious and heartbreaking, by the journalist, playwright, and political activist Wajahat Ali. "Go back to where you came from, you terrorist!" This is just one of the many warm, lovely, and helpful tips that Wajahat Ali and other children of immigrants receive on a daily basis. Go back where exactly? His hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he can't afford rent? Awkward, left-handed, suffering from OCD, and wearing Husky pants, Ali grew up on the margins of the American mainstream, devoid of Brown superheroes, where people like him were portrayed...

    Format: Book

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  • Wish It Lasted Forever

    Wish It Lasted Forever

    Shaughnessy, Dan

    "Drawing on unprecedented access and personal experiences that would not be possible for any reporter today, Shaughnessy takes us inside the legendary Larry Bird-led Celtics teams, capturing the camaraderie as they rose to dominate the NBA. Fans can witness the cockiness of Larry Bird (who once walked into an All Star Weekend locker room, announced that he was going to win the three-point contest, and did); the ageless athleticism of Robert Parish; the shooting skills of Kevin McHale; the fierce, self-sacrificing play of Bill Walton; and the playful humor of players like Danny Ainge, Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell, and M.L. Carr"...

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  • Tokyo


    Goss, Rob

    "Brings to life the busy streets, exciting foods and historic sights of Tokyo, providing travelers with a wealth of information, hundreds of full-color photos, custom maps and more for planning the trip of a lifetime." --

    Format: Book

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  • Springer Mountain

    Springer Mountain

    Williams, Wyatt

    "Restaurant-goers in the southeastern United States have likely noted the phrase 'featuring Springer Mountain Farms chicken' proudly displayed on their menu. After working the restaurant beat for years in Atlanta, restaurant critic and writer Wyatt Williams decided to find this fabled farm, to see just what, if anything, made Springer Mountain chicken so special. What he found instead was an elaborate marketing scheme. After some digging and a few interviews, Williams discovered that the Fieldale Farms Corporation, owner of the Springer brand name, sells millions of chickens from 'small family farms' like Springer Mountain that don't really exist. In fact,...

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