Amenities Highlights

  • Free Public Computers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Fax Services
  • Air Conditioning
  • Meeting Room
  • Study Rooms
  • Free Parking
  • Multi-Stall Single-Gender Restrooms
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Business Information Appointments

Launch or grow your business with one-on-one help from a librarian trained in business reference and market research. Appointments are available at Delridge, High Point and South Park. Call any of the branches or email for more information or to make an appointment.

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Experiment, play and create amazing inventions at LibraryLab. 

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About the High Point Branch

The current High Point Branch opened June 19, 2004. After consulting with the community, the Library decided to buy the location from the Seattle Housing Authority and build a new library that is 600% larger than the old building. In the branch, children, teens and adults all have their own distinct reading areas.

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