• Unsavory Truth

    Unsavory Truth

    Nestle, Marion

    A leading nutritionist asks whether consumers can trust highly publicized research into whether food and beverages are healthy and safely produced.

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  • Arbitrary Stupid Goal

    Arbitrary Stupid Goal

    Shopsin, Tamara

    Shopsin weaves a patchwork quilt of stories about a Manhattan that doesn't exist anymore—that of 1970s Greenwich Village, where her father opened Shopsin's General Store and restaurant.

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  • Give A Girl A Knife

    Give A Girl A Knife

    Thielen, Amy

    A Saveur contributing editor and James Beard Award-winning cookbook author reflects on her Midwestern upbringing as inspiration for her culinary pursuits.

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  • A Year Right Here

    A Year Right Here

    Thomson, Jess

    A Seattle-area cookbook author decides to spend a year eating like a (hyper)local in this hybrid memoir/cooking essay/work of reportage. (Seattle Review of Books)

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  • The Cooking Gene

    The Cooking Gene

    Twitty, Michael

    Food historian Twitty, creator of the Afroculinaria blog, serves up a splendid hearth-based history, at once personal and universal, of the African American experience.

    Format: Book

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