FlexTech Locations

All locations offer free access to computers you can use to search our online resources, connect to the internet and use popular software, like Microsoft Office. Additionally, many branches have FlexTech laptops, tablets and graphing calculators that are available to reserve and use while you are in the branch.

FlexTech: Laptops

Some branches have laptops you can borrow while you are in the branch so you can access the internet and our online resources from anywhere inside the building. Laptops are available to borrow for two hours at a time.

FlexTech Magazine and Newspaper Tablet Readers

Some branches have tablet readers you can borrow to access digital magazine and newspaper resources while you are in the branch. Each tablet includes pre-installed apps to access the Library's digital magazine and newspaper resources through Flipster, PressReader, and New York Times Digital.

FlexTech graphing calculators

Some branches have graphing calculators available that offer all of the features of a regular calculator, as well as plot graphs and solve complex equations.

If you have a question or need help, Ask Us or call 206-386-4636.