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The Ballard Branch houses hundreds of books on maritime and fishing industry topics such as the history and development of maritime exploration, travel, navigation, ship and boat maintenance, safety, legislation and regulation. This collection is largely non-fiction and focused on the Pacific Northwest region and the North Pacific Ocean. The Ballard Branch also maintains a non-circulating reference collection of atlases, charts, tables, dictionary, lexicons and manuals for onsite use.

The collection is available to access during Ballard Branch open hours and circulating materials may also be requested via library holds.

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The Ballard Branch has collected works that reflected neighborhood interest in small boats, ships, and shipbuilding since at least the early 1940s. With the expansion of collection resources and a 2005 relocation into a larger facility, the collection coalesced into a single focus collection to support research in topics related to seafaring and fishing both as industries, as a lifestyle and as pastime activity.