Carlos Martinez

Artist Carlos Martinez and the SPL lockers

Carlos Martinez is a visual artist based in Seattle, WA. A creative since birth, his perspective and inspiration is anchored in the imagery found in nature and his afro-indigenous roots that trace back to Oaxaca and Guerrero, Mexico. Drawing to rich color and tropical flora, Carlos works to create a surreal world where nature and humans live without boundary. Carlos works with mainly acrylic paint and ink. 

Sloane Miller

Artist Sloane Miller and the SPL lockers

Sloane Miller is a Seattle-born multi disciplinary artist whose work explores a multitude of themes drawn from her personal experience. Her artwork is best characterized by the saturated dreamscapes that visually captivate attention all while telling a story that ventures deeper than what you see on the surface. Sloane primarily creates digital art via procreate which stems from her background in Graphic Design. However, in the future she hopes to show more using traditional skills with mediums she’s most fond of, such as oil paint and linocut prints.