• Quillayut dugouts

    Quillayut dugouts

    Handforth, Thomas, 1897-1948

    Thomas Handforth was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1897. He was an etcher, author and painter. He studied under Mahonri Mackintosh Young and at the University of Washington. He is the author of a Caldecott medal winning children’s book called "Mei Li" about a young girl in China, set during Chinese New Year. The book is full of illustrations of China where Handforth lived and visited.

    Identifier: spl_art_H192Qu

    Date: 1929

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  • Reference room

    Reference room

    Morris, Stuart

    Stuart Morris was born in West Virginia in 1882 (?) and studied art in Columbus, Ohio and Philadelphia. He came to Seattle and became art editor for the Seattle P.I. where he was on the staff for nearly 20 years. When he retired in 1928, he was working on the editorial staff of the Times. He is famous for two sketches. One was of the ex-president Theodore Roosevelt which appeared in the paper the day after the president's death in 1919. The other famous sketch was of an old Catholic church on Denny Hill. Both images were requested by people from all over the country for many years.

    Identifier: spl_art_M831Re

    Date: 1918?

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  • Enjoy the Beauty of Old Seattle and Some of Today's Existing Treasures, 1971

    Enjoy the Beauty of Old Seattle and Some of Today's Existing Treasures, 1971

    Fredericksen, Neil M.

    Map depicting historic buildings in downtown Seattle including the Smith Tower and Maynard Building.

    Identifier: spl_maps_2445994

    Date: 1971

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  • Water seen from wooded hill

    Water seen from wooded hill

    Faliduff, W.

    Identifier: spl_art_F184Wa

    Date: 1931?

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  • Initiative Measure 276 Petition sheet, 1972

    Initiative Measure 276 Petition sheet, 1972

    Coalition for Open Government

    Petition for the creation of the Public Disclosure Commission to make information on campaign fundraising and expenses more transparent and available to the public. This initiative is also referred to as the Public Disclosure Act and has since been replaced by the more current Public Records Act.

    Identifier: spl_ps_003

    Date: 1972

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  • Untitled


    Anderson, Guy, 1906-1998

    Guy Anderson was born in Edmonds, Washington in 1906. At a young age, he was exposed to Asian art and Northwest Indian art and studied portraiture under Eustace Ziegler who taught private art lessons in Seattle. He became friends with Morris Graves and the two worked on the Public Works of Art Project for Washington State during the Depression in the 1930’s. He developed his distinctive painting style while living in La Conner, Washington. He died there in 1998. He was one of the four painters LIFE magazine described as "Northwest Mystics". The others were Kenneth Callahan, Morris Graves and Mark Tobey.

    Identifier: spl_art_An231Un

    Date: 1968

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  • Chart of the Viti Group or FeeJee Islands by the U.S. Ex. Ex., 1840

    Chart of the Viti Group or FeeJee Islands by the U.S. Ex. Ex., 1840

    Wilkes, Charles

    This map embraces the Viti or Feejee Group, consisting of one hundred and fifty-four islands, with numerous coral reefs, etc.

    Identifier: spl_maps_367358_05

    Date: 1840

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  • Florence Min-Hsien Yang Kiang Interview, August 31, 1987

    Florence Min-Hsien Yang Kiang Interview, August 31, 1987

    Min-Hsien Yang Kiang was a professor of nutrition who relocated to Seattle in her retirement. Kiang was born during World War I in Shanghai, China. Shortly afterwards her family moved to Peking where she grew up and later attended Peking Union Medical College with a focus on nutrition and nursing. Her husband, Heng-Pin Kiang, was a professor of international law at the National Central University. During World War II he advised the governor of the Bank of China and Representative of China Defense Supplies Chungking and also held the position of special assistant to the Foriegn Minister and Prime Minister. Between 1946 and 1947 he served as Secretary General of the China Institute of International Affairs. In 1948, Kiang joined the Republic of China's mission to the United Nations in New York and the couple moved to the United States. Their son, Heng-Pin Kiang was born shortly after their arrival. After the birth of her son, Kiang resumed her academic career, teaching at Hunter College and Columbia University. After her husband’s death in 1968, Kiang began working as a full time Professor of Nutrition and Food at Drexel University in Philadelphia where she stayed until her retirement. Following her retirement she moved to Seattle to be closer to her son, Heng-Pin.

    Identifier: spl_ds_kiang_01_01

    Date: 1987-08-31

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  • Launching Meares' new schooner

    Launching Meares' new schooner

    McAllister, Parker S. (1903-1970)

    Parker McAllister, born in 1903 in Massachusetts, was a Seattle Times artist from 1924 to 1965. McAllister started his career as an illustrator at 14 for a Spokane publication; he joined the art staff at the Seattle Times in 1920. His first Sunday magazine cover was a poster-type illustration celebrating the University of Washington crew races in spring 1924. During McAllister's career, he created illustrations depicting “local color” events and situations now routinely handled by photographers. As the technology improved, he expanded his repertoire - he illustrated articles, drew covers for special sections and the weekly Seattle Sunday Times Magazine, and drew diagrams, comics, cartoons, and portraits for the Times’ editorial page. In 1956, an exhibition of his watercolor and oil paintings of Pacific Northwest scenes and historical incidents - including some paintings from the “Discovery of the Pacific Northwest” series - were exhibited at the Washington State Historical Society Museum in Tacoma. He was also a member of the Puget Sound Group of Men Painters. McAllister retired from the Seattle Times in 1965; he passed away in Arizona in 1970.

    Identifier: spl_art_291985_15.147

    Date: 1955

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  • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Map, 1926

    Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Map, 1926

    Schmid, Calvin F. (Calvin Fisher), 1901-1994

    Map depicting industrial, commercial and residential zones along with parks and cemetaries. Also marked are areas predominently populated by African Americans, Japanese, Chinese and Italians.

    Identifier: spl_maps_2479649

    Date: 1926

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