• Earshot Jazz, v.20, no.4, Apr. 2004

    Earshot Jazz, v.20, no.4, Apr. 2004

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on Jazz Appreciation month, Jim Wilke, Jazz Northwest, Floyd Standifer, Larry Fuller, Dave Peck, Michael Brockman, Tierney Sutton, Laura Kaminsky, John Stowell, Steve Hobbes, Mimi Fox, the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE) Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Paul de Barros, EMP Pop Conference, Garfield Jazz Gala, Ernestine Anderson, Polestar Music Gallery, Reuben Radding, Gianni Gebbia, Matthew Goodheart, Wally Shoup, Wolfgang Fuchs, John Butcher, Sonny Booker, Jack Straw Artists Support Program Recipients, Salute Ristorante, Greg Williamson, John Hansen, Darin Clendenin, Dan O'Brien, Clipper Anderson, and Brian Nova, page 2. William Parker is highlighted in a piece by Andy Bartlett and an interview with Lewis Barnes, page 4. The music program at Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA) is the focus of Todd Matthew's article on Jazz Education, page 7. Upcoming performances are previewed on page 8, including Cuong Vu Trio, Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (SRJO), J.A. Granelli, Mr. Lucky, Steve Coleman, Five Elements, Rashied Ali Quintet, Ravi Coltrane, and Reggie Workman. Byron Vannoy is the feature of a biography by Todd Matthews, page 11. Earshot Jazz reviews the album Hope by Matt Jorgensen + 451, page 14. Highlight performances for the month begin on page 18, including the Marc Seales Quintet, Big Band Feast, Jay Thomas Big Band, Brad Mehldau Trio, Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra (SWOJO), Project W, Tierney Sutton, Paul Kemmish, The Prospect of Three Trumpets, and Bill Frisell. Upcoming performances airing on Sonarchy Radio Hour on KEXP-FM are listed on page 21. Cover art is a photograph of William Parker on bass.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2004_20_04

    Date: 2004-04

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.5, no.10, Nov. 1989

    Earshot Jazz, v.5, no.10, Nov. 1989

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with a description of the November 7th kick off of Earshot jazz's fall series, page 1. Earshot's Sandra Burlingame interviews Sonny Booker, a company executive and an all around entrepreneur - the talented musicians he was associated with and thrilling adventures the music scene brought him, page 6. Earshot notes on The Puget Sound Jazz Ensemble and their recent CD release, Todd Campbell page 6. Cover art of Oliver Lake, page 1.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1989_05_10

    Date: 1989-11

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.6, no.5, Jun. 1990

    Earshot Jazz, v.6, no.5, Jun. 1990

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article about Bill Frisell's guitar style and the influences on his musicianship, written by Joseph Murphy on page 1. Also on page 1, Don Pullen is featured in a brief biography preceding his performance at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), page 1 by Gary Bannister. This issue holds notes on Dexter Gordon, Chuck Metcalf, Emily Remler, Peggy Stern, Jay Clayton, Dee Daniels, Steve Rice, Miles Davis, Shirley Horn, Monty Alexander's Ivory and Steel with Othello Molineaux, Wayne Horvitz Trio, Timebone, John Silverman, Floyd Standifer, Harriet Baskas, Joe Roderic, Greg Williamson, Bellevue Jazz Festival, Jazz Alley, Ernestine Anderson, Bill Frisell, Mizue Murakami, Linda Dowdell, and Larry Coryell, page 2. Novus/RCA Records writes brief descriptions for their latest albums Collection Volume One by The Brecker Bros, Who's Who by John Scofield, Evidence by Steve Khan, and Tributaries by Larry Coryell, page 3. Beginning on page 6, Todd Campbell, Sandra Burlingame, Joseph Murphy, Bruce Greeley, and Gary Bannister preview festival groups and artists. These previews introduce The John Scofield Quartet, Freezer Burn, the Denney Goodhew and Ralph Towner Duo, The Jazz Passengers, Timebone, Super Rail Band, Ariya, Jimmy McGriff, Watershed, and the International Creative Music Orchestra. Joe Murphy, Scott Larson, and Keith Cirillo review live performances of the Kronos Quartet, the Wayne Horvitz Trio, The Phil Sheeran Quintet, and the Bill Stevens Group, page 12. Bruce Greeley writes an appraising article for the award-winning Garfield and Franklin High Schools' Big Bands, page 14. Earshot Jazz congratulates the High School winners of the Reno International Jazz Festival, page 14. Earshot Jazz reviews the album Boogie Down with Ernestine Anderson and the Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra, page 15. Cover art is a photograph of Don Pullen.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1990_06_05

    Date: 1990-06

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.12, no.9, Sep. 1996

    Earshot Jazz, v.12, no.9, Sep. 1996

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with a biography featuring clarinetist Bill Smith, written by Peter Monaghan on page 1. The Earshot Fall Festival and a few of the featured artists are discussed on page 1. Notes in this issue focus on Chuck Baxter, Still Life in Fremont, Ruth Quintet, B.B. White, Billy Wallace, Buddy Catlett, Patty Padden, Dan Greenblatt, Chuck Metcalf, Rob Silver, Larry Jones, Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, Paragon Bar & Grill, Jim Wilke, Lynette Westendorf, Andrew Drury, Bear Creek, Cosmology, Craig Flory, Tim Young, Phil Sparks, Brent Arnold, Steve Moore, Briggan Krauss, Wayne Horvitz, Bebop & Destruction, Jay Clayton, Eyvind Kang, and Andrew Drury, page 3. Earshot Jazz Scholarship winners to the Bud Shank Workshop are announced on page 4, including Oghale Agbro and Nicole Vergel de Dios. A memorial piece for Melody Jones is written on page 5. Earshot announces upcoming artists and groups for their Living Spirit of Jazz series, featuring the Clarence Acox Sextet, Walter Zuber Armstrong, Garbo's Hat, Bert Wilson, Jim Knapp Big Band, Chuck Bergeron, Fred Tuxx, Bob Nell Trio, Kendra Shank, Matt Jorgenson, 451, Bill Smith, Francois Houle, and Jessica Williams, page 11. Earshot readers Jason West, Joan Smallwood, Ben Roseth, and Mary Ann Magazzi are the winners of a fan competition for 'experiences that confirmed them as a jazz fan', page 15. Andrew Bartlett reviews the albums In Montana by Jack Walrath, Journey, Man by Jack Walrath and Hard Corps, Joy by Jessica Williams, Gratitude by Jessica Williams, and Love Songs by Patty Waters and Jessica Williams, page 16. Cover art is a photograph of Bill Smith.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1996_12_09

    Date: 1996-09

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.14, no.6, Jun. 1998

    Earshot Jazz, v.14, no.6, Jun. 1998

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on City Attorney Mark Sidran, Jim Wilke, Steve Griggs, Elvin Jones, Greg Keplinger, Milo Petersen, Jay Thomas, Shil Sparks, Bear Creek Studios, Joe Hadlock, Michael Bisio, Joe McPhee, Eyvind Kang, Andrew Drury, Junk Percussion Workshop, Living Daylights, Jessica Lurie, Dale Fanning, Arnie Livingston, Amy Denio, 4 Accordionists of the Apocalypse, Guy Klucevsek, Pauline Oliveros, Alan Bern, Kilgore Trout, Vince Balestri, Brian Kent, Reade Whitwell, Seeing Jazz: Artists and Writers of Jazz, Susan Pascal, Feed Your Soul at Noon, Carlos Overall, Summer Nights at the Pier, Nina Simone, Art Ensemble of Chicago, and Pat Metheny, page 3. On page 4, Jim Wilke writes a farewell piece to the late Jan Stentz, discussing the concert that became her post-humos album Forever, page 4. A performance preview for the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra's concert of Monk and Mingus music is written on page 5. Don Lanphere and the history of Bebop appears on page 6, written by Paul de Barros. Earshot announces jazz festivals happening over the summer, including Jazzfest International, Calgary International Jazz Festival, DuMaurier International Jazz Festival, Jazz City International Music Festival, Britt Festivals, Montana Traditional Jazz Festival, All That Jazz Festival, Olympia America's Festival Heritage Festival, KPLU/Starbucks Cruises, Jazz Port Townsend, Banff Arts Festival, San Juan Classic Jazz Festival, Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz, Whidbey Island Dixieland Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz on the Water Festival, Dixieland Portland, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, High Mountains Dixieland Jazz Festival, and Medford Jazz Jubilee, page 9. The Gerry Hemmingway Quartet is featured on page 11 by Peter Monaghan, who details the history of the group's work. Fred Frith, Larry Ochs, Miya Masaoka (Metalanguage) with guest Wayne Horvitz are discussed on page 12. Pachora's upcoming concert, with an opener by the Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, is featured on page 14. Highlight performances, beginning on page 16, including Makina Loca, Stuart Dempster, Inner Light Burning, Out West, Gretta Matassa & Puget Sound Music Society Band, Tim Young, Very Special Forces, SpringTrapHum, Bill Horist, Eveline Muller, Medeski Martin Wood, Eastside Young Composers, Steve Moore Trio, Jeff Johnson, and Milne Back In Town. Cover art is an illustration by Chuck Smart.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1998_14_06

    Date: 1998-06

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.8, no.5, Jun. 1992

    Earshot Jazz, v.8, no.5, Jun. 1992

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article about the three big concerts Earshot has coming up for this month - South End Development group (S.E.E.D) concert in Seward park, the Outskirts trio at the Pilgrim Center for the Arts, and the Myra Melford Trio at the Nippon Kan Theater, page 1. Earshot has notes on Roosevelt grad Stuart McDonald, a tenor player, has been awarded the two year Kreielsheimer Scholarship to Cornish College, page 2. Earshot notes on the Feast of Festivals: du Maurier International Jazz Festival, JazzFest International '92, Britt Festivals, Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, West Seattle Dixieland Festival, Jazz City Festival, The Banff Jazz Workshop, Bellevue Jazz Festival, San Juan Island Dixieland Jazz, Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, Jazz Port Townsend, Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz, Instrumental Jazz Workshop, Gig Harbor Jazz, and Taste of Edmonds, page 5. Ray Kelleher profile's Travis Shook and his discovery and introduction to jazz - along with his encouragement for musicians to check out the jazz scene in New York for a better perspective as a musician, page 11. Earshot has live reviews on: The Randy Halberstadt Trio Album Release Party, Briggan Krauss Senior Recital, Gerry Hemmingway and Ear Howard, M.J. Williams, Garth Gafan Dance Company 'Griot New York,' Garfield High School Jazz Gala, Brian Nova Trio with Jabo Ward, Area 51, and Garbo's Hat, by Andrew Freund, Joseph Murphy, Steve Robinson, and Gary Bannister page 12. Steve Robinson writes on the highlights of the 1992 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival - the best performances and key moments of the festival, page 17. Earshot highlights notable releases - Jessica William's, The Monk in Me and Invocation; The David/ Hansen/ Abbs/ Jorgensen Quartet's, Take Two; Human Feel's, Scatter; King & Moore's, Potato Radio; and Nina Harlan's, Dina Blade - Don't Be Afraid, by Joseph Murphy, Steve Robinson, and Andrew Freund page 19. John Gilbreath has notes on the Lila Wallace- Reader's Digest National Jazz Network and their work encouraging interaction between artists and the community, page 24. Cover art of the Outskirts at the Pilgrim Center for the Arts, page 1. Cover art of Thara Memory, page 3. Photograph of the Mayra Melford Trio, page 3. Photographs of Barbara Dennerlein, Anthony Braxton, and Marcus Roberts, page 5. Photographs of Chuck Metcalf, Kenny Barron, and Freddie Hubbard, page 6. Photographs of Bert Wilson, Ray Anderson, and Dan Lanphere, page 9. Portrait photograph of Travis Shook, page 11. Photograph of Area 51 taken by Deanna Lamb, page 16. Photograph of Cab Calloway, page 17. Photograph of George Cables, Jessica Williams, and Randy Halberstadt, page 18.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1992_08_05

    Date: 1992-06

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  • Earshot Jazz, no.9, May 1986

    Earshot Jazz, no.9, May 1986

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article about the international reach and influences of Jazz, particularly referencing the experience of several Seattle Jazz musicians, Paul de Barros page 1. This is followed later on page 1 by bassist Chuck Metcalf describing the jazz scene in Holland. Gary Bannister, on page 2, writes about jazz connections between Seattle and Japan, referencing bassist Ron Holdridge. Bannister continues on page 3, discussing the jazz scene in Nicaragua in bassist Pete Leinonen's experience. These international snapshots are followed by a piece on the digital age and Jazz moving on to use the medium of Compact Discs (CDs), written by Sandra Burlingame. Bruce Kochis follows this on page 5, describing an ongoing debate about a bill that, upon passing by Congress, would allow unionization and, through that, contract organization for musicians under an 'employee' status. The question in debate is the allowed freedom versus the benefits of contract negotiation that unions provide. Page 5 introduces Earshot readers to Gary Peacock, a Seattle bassist. Earshot Jazz, on page 6, reviews Tales of Another/ Standards Vol.1/Standards Vol.2 all by Gary Peacock, Keith Jarrett, and Jack DeJohnette, Melodies by New Art Orchestra, and Concord on a Summer Night and For Iola by Dave Brubeck Quartet. Cover art is a picture of Chuck Metcalf playing bass after returning from Holland.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1986_02_03

    Date: 1986-05

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.8, no.1, Feb. 1992

    Earshot Jazz, v.8, no.1, Feb. 1992

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article on Joe Henderson and the Local 493 Reunion Band that will perform at Festival Sundiata, Joseph Murphy page 1. Sandra Burlingame writes on guitarist, John Stowell and his originality he brings to jazz along with his many accomplishments throughout his career, page 1. A message from Sandra Burlingame as she passes the baton to John Elwood as she steps down as editor, page 2. Dean Hodges explains his techniques for playing jazz and ways to adapt to whoever you are making music with, Andrew Freund page 3. Earshot notes on live reviews from: The Room To Move Sextet, Spontaneous Composition Ensemble and Bert Wilson & Rebirth, Steve Robinson and Ray Kelleher page 6-7. Earshot highlights notable releases: Jay Clayton's, Live at Jazz Alley, Jazz Police's, Freedom of Music; Bill Frisell Band's, Where in the World?, Bill Frisell's, In Line; Randy Halberstadt's, Inner Voice; Roosevelt Jazz '91, Bag of Dreams, Rufus Reid, Greta Matassa's, Got a Song That I Sing; Carter Jefferson and Jessica William's, ...And Then, There's This and Heartland, Joseph Murphy, Andrew Freund, Sandra Burlingame, Roberta Penn, John Elwood, and Gary Bannister page 10-16. Cover art of Joe Henderson, page 1. Photo of Dean Hodges and Chuck Deardorf, page 3. Photo of john Stowell playing the guitar, page 5. Photo of The Room To Move Sextet at a live performance, page 6. Photo of the Spontaneous Composition Ensemble, page 7. Photo of the Local 493 Reunion Band at the Festival Sundiata, page 8. Photo of Greta Mastassa singing at her album release party, page 14.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_1992_08_01

    Date: 1992-02

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.17, no.7, Jul. 2001

    Earshot Jazz, v.17, no.7, Jul. 2001

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with an article about this year's jazz festival, building hype about The line-up and what is expected from each performance, page 2. Earshot notes on some of the worst gigs that musicians have ever had, with personal stories from some musicians themselves, page 4. John Ewing interviewed vibist, percussionist and composer Ben Thomas, highlighting his style as a musician and his new CD release, page 7. Port Townsend's Centrum Jazz Festival is a great opportunity for jazz musicians to come together - this article highlights the workshops, performances and some of the talented faculty that attend, page 9. Mt. Hood Festival of jazz showcases local and regional talent - as the rest of the article has biographies of some of the musicians set to perform, page 11. Andrew Bartlett write a preview on Woody Allen and the New Orleans Jazz Band, page 16. Ken Burns PBS Blockbuster Series, Jazz has been put to an end, with some last remarks from listeners and readers of Earshot Jazz Magazine the series shall not be forgotten, page 17. Earshot previews a few albums: PAIRS!, Avalon, Oregon in Moscow, and Pride and Joy, thanks to Marc Fleury page 22. Cover art illustrations by Danijel Zezelj.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2001_17_07

    Date: 2001-07

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  • Earshot Jazz, v.33, no.8, Aug. 2017

    Earshot Jazz, v.33, no.8, Aug. 2017

    Earshot Jazz Society of Seattle

    This issue begins with notes on an exhibition at the Seattle Public Library and the August schedule for Sonarchy with Doug Haire, page 3. The 29th Annual Earshot Jazz Festival is presented on page 4. Tim Kennedy is featured in an artist interview on page 5, written by Andrew Luthringer. Local jazz venues that have all-ages access are discussed on page 7 by Halynn Blanchard, Sara Jones, Edan Krolewicz, and Kathryn Sherman. Jim Knapp and his group Scrape are featured on page 11 by Ian Gwin. The North City Jazz Walk is presented on page 13. Local jazz series are listed and described on page 14. Summer festivals in the Northwest are listed on page 16. Additional performances are listed on page 18. Cover art is a photograph of Tim Kennedy.

    Identifier: spl_ej_571712_2017_33_08

    Date: 2017-08

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