• Go Tell It on the Mountain

    Go Tell It on the Mountain

    Baldwin, James

    The story of John, a 14-year-old boy whose stepfather is a Pentecostal minister in Harlem in 1935, as he struggles to discover his own identity. (1953; 226 pages)

    Format: Book - 2013 First Vintage International trade paperback edition

    Holds: 3 on 14 copies

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  • My Ántonia

    My Ántonia

    Cather, Willa

    Antonia, the spirited daughter of a Bohemian immigrant family, is determined to tame the Nebraska farmland in this poignant tale set in the late 19th century. (1918; 290 pages)

    Format: Book - 1994

    Holds: 2 on 9 copies

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  • The Awakening and Selected Stories

    The Awakening and Selected Stories

    Chopin, Kate

    A daring novel of a woman's sexual and spiritual awakening The Awakening shocked turn-of-the-century readers and reviewers with its treatment of sex and death by suicide. (1899; 286 pages)

    Format: Book - 2003

    Holds: 3 on 11 copies

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  • Invisible Man

    Invisible Man

    Ellison, Ralph

    During the 1950s a young nameless black man finds himself rendered invisible as he moves through levels of American intolerance. (1952; 581 pages)

    Format: Book - 1995 Second Vintage International edition

    Holds: 1 on 5 copies

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  • Light in August: The Corrected Text

    Light in August: The Corrected Text

    Faulkner, William

    This is the intense and lyrical story of Lena Grove, a force of nature looking for the man who got her with child, and Joe Christmas, a lost man seeking the dreaded secret of his own racial identity. (1932; 512 pages)\n

    Format: Book - 1990 Vintage international edition

    Holds: 2 on 2 copies

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  • The Sun Also Rises

    The Sun Also Rises

    Hemingway, Ernest

    Sultry temptress Lady Brett Ashley, her drunken fiancé and smitten war veteran Jake Barnes are among a group of expatriates who leave Paris to see the bullfights of Pamplona, Spain, in the 1920s. (1926; 250 pages)

    Format: Book - 2006 Scribner trade paperback edition

    Holds: 2 on 13 copies

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  • Their Eyes Were Watching God

    Their Eyes Were Watching God

    Hurston, Zora Neale

    Janie Crawford, a sassy and self-confident African- American woman of the 1930s, lives life on her own terms and goes through three marriages, one murder trial and more joy and pain than many who judge her. (1937; 219 pages)

    Format: Book - 2006 First Harper Perennial Modern Classics edition

    Holds: 16 on 17 copies

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  • On the Road

    On the Road

    Kerouac, Jack

    In this groundbreaking novel, a group of Ivy League-educated young men break off from the mainstream, hitchhiking across 1950s America in a mad bohemian adventure of irreverent revelry. (1957; 307 pages)\n

    Format: Book - 1976

    Holds: 3 on 8 copies

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  • Passing


    Larsen, Nella

    Nella Larsen's powerful, thrilling, and tragic tale about the fluidity of racial identity that continues to resonate today. (1929; 122 pages)

    Format: Book - 2003

    Holds: 5 on 4 copies

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird

    To Kill A Mockingbird

    Lee, Harper

    A young girl growing up in an Alabama town in the 1930s learns of injustice and violence when her father, a widowed lawyer, defends a black man falsely accused of rape. (1960; 323 pages)

    Format: Book - 2010 50th anniversary edition

    Holds: 4 on 14 copies

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