The Seattle Public Library board of trustees has approved changing multiuser family/ADA restrooms located inside children’s areas to single-occupant restrooms open to all.

The board unanimously approved the policy at its June 27 meeting.

The multiuser family/ADA restrooms were previously designated for use by caregivers with children, disabled patrons with their assistants, and breastfeeding mothers. This is because these restrooms are located inside children’s areas, which by policy, is reserved for children, their caregivers, and those accessing the children’s collection.

Under the new policy, which also required a change to the Public Use of Children’s Areas Policy, all patrons can now go into children’s areas if they need to use the restroom.

Currently, the Library has multiuser family/ADA restrooms located in children’s areas at the Central Library, and Capitol Hill and Ballard branches. Under the new policy, these restrooms are now designated as single-occupant restrooms available for any Library patron to use.