• Librarians of the West

    Librarians of the West

    "'Too Much Dancing Going On' is the account of an independent-minded young woman in a wide-open Montana who loved books and horses, and later a certain literary young man. When Lyle Hardiman, easy-going, illiterate, Montana cowboy, accidentally blunders into the new library with his horse (he thought it was a livery), he meets the new librarian, Miss Rebecca Spark, and sets into motion a chain of events that will ensure the little town of Burnt Creek a place in the history books. With the help of the local saloon/shop sweeper, Lyle will discover a path laid out for him by...

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  • The Loving Wrath of Eldon Quint

    The Loving Wrath of Eldon Quint

    Pletts, Chase

    In the lawless territories of the Old West, Eldon Quint and his young son must journey to Missouri to bury his recently deceased child, while being pursued by his criminal brother. Meanwhile, in the newly emancipated south, an ambitious black housemaid, Minn Barker, makes a daring escape from her lecherous overlord--and father to her unborn child--to pursue her dream of attending one of the first black colleges in America. A chance run-in brings Eldon and Minn, setting the stage for an unexpected future together.

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  • Hard Trail to Follow

    Hard Trail to Follow

    Kelton, Elmer

    Former Texas Ranger Andy "Badger Boy" Pickard leaves his fiancee's north central Texas farm to pursue Luther Cordell, the outlaw ringleader he believes responsible for the death of his friend, Sheriff Tom Blessing.

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  • Hell for Breakfast

    Hell for Breakfast

    Johnstone, William W.

    His wicked ways mostly behind him, reformed bank robber Jimmy "Slash" Braddock is getting hitched to his sweetheart. But before the honeymoon, Chief U.S. Marshal Luther T. "Bleed-'Em-So" Bledsoe needs Slash and his former partner-in-crime, Melvin "Pecos Kid" Baker, to don a couple of deputy marshal badges and saddle up for a trip to Nebraska. Seems the town of Harveyville has fallen prey to a trio of murderous badmen blasting away up and down Main Street, and the local law needs some assistance from men who know how to handle a gun. But Slash and Pecos killed the wrong man....

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  • Outlawed


    North, Anna

    "The Crucible meets True Grit in this riveting adventure story of a fugitive girl, a mysterious gang of robbers, and their dangerous mission to transform the Wild West. In the year of our Lord 1894, I became an outlaw. The day of her wedding, 17 year old Ada's life looks good; she loves her husband, and she loves working as an apprentice to her mother, a respected midwife. But after a year of marriage and no pregnancy, in a town where barren women are routinely hanged as witches, her survival depends on leaving behind everything she knows. She joins up...

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  • The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu

    The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu

    Lin, Tom

    Fighting his way across the West to rescue his wife and exact revenge on the men who destroyed him, while settling old scores along the way, Ming Tsu is aided by a blind clairvoyant and a troupe of magic-show performers, some with supernatural powers.

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  • Another Kind of Eden

    Another Kind of Eden

    Burke, James Lee

    "New York Times bestselling author James Lee Burke brings readers a captivating tale of justice, love, brutality, and mysticism set in the turbulent 1960s. The American West in the early 1960s appears to be a pastoral paradise: golden wheat fields, mist-filled canyons, frolicking animals. Aspiring novelist Aaron Holland Broussard has observed it from the open door of a boxcar, riding the rails for both inspiration and odd jobs. Jumping off in Denver, he finds work on a farm and meets Joanne McDuffy, an articulate and fierce college student and gifted painter. Their soul connection is immediate, but their romance is...

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  • Ridgeline


    Punke, Michael

    "In December 1866, tensions were rising in Wyoming, between the Native American tribes who had lived on the land for generations and the settlers who would destroy their home. Crazy Horse and his fellow Lakota hunters had been watching for months as Colonel Carrington and his army set up camp on one of the most crucial swaths of hunting ground in hundreds of miles, and began to build forts. More disconcertingly, the settlers had brought women and children, which meant they planned to stay. As the Lakota and neighboring tribes set forth with repeated attacks to discourage the settlers, Captain...

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  • Outlaw Country

    Outlaw Country

    Johnstone, William W.

    Set in the early days of the Jensen family saga, this gun-blazing adventure follows Smoke and Sally from their first year of marriage to the founding of the legendary Sugarloaf Ranch.

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  • The Case of the Missing Cattle

    The Case of the Missing Cattle

    Wolfe, Ethan J.

    "In 1884, the founder and matriarch of the Illinois Detective Agency is now elderly and active in the way that "Charlie" of Charlie's Angels was. Founded in 1848 as a stock detective agency, the founder is still the backbone of the business he built from the ground up. In The Case of the Missing Cattle, the Stock Growers Association of Montana appeals to Porter for help with a major cattle theft problem inside the Montana Territory. Hundreds, 2 maybe even thousands of cattle are being stolen off the open ranges, and the local sheriffs and army outposts are helpless to...

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