Teen Library Challenge

2020 Fall Teen Library Challenge Card Read a comic or graphic novel Watch a movie or tv show based on a book Read/list to one title from a series Find a writer's website or social media Read/listen to a story about someone different from you Recommend a book to a friend Read/listen to a fantasy/fairy tale/science fiction Read/write/listen to poetry Read/listen/watch a true story

Download your fillable 2020 Fall Teen Library Challenge card

What if I Need Suggestions?

Click on any square above to see a list of suggestions from librarians. Or Ask Us. Download a PDF and complete this challenge for a chance to win prizes.

How does Teen Library Challenge work?

How do I play?
Middle and High Schoolers can enter to win a $30 book store gift card by completely filling out all the squares on the card. You can use audiobooks, articles, graphic novels, podcasts, or fan fiction; everything from this fall counts! Just make sure you write something different in each square. Good luck and have fun! 

How do I win?
Enter to win between October 30, 2020 and December 31, 2020. Turn in your challenge card at the open book returns of open locations of The Seattle Public Library or email your Teen Library Challenge PDF card to teens@spl.org for your chance to win!