About the Exhibit

fisherman rita manabe

Friday, June 15 - Thursday, August 30, 2018
Level 8 Gallery, Central Library

x̌ʷəlč is “Salish Sea, saltwater” in Lushootseed

Northwest Washington’s tribal communities have long recognized the importance of water and water-based resources in sustaining life in this region. Come explore how the sea and the rivers, and the wealth of resources in them--the salmon, whales, tule, and shellfish--are important to the region’s tribes and the work they are doing to protect those resources for future generations. Curated by Shannon Kopelva and Jennifer Ott.

Photo Credit: Rika Manabe

This exhibit is part of Beyond the Frame – To Be Native, a community-wide initiative revisiting the photographs of Edward S. Curtis and sparking conversations on Native identity, race and resilience, art and culture.

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