Environmental Equity Programs

Clear Sky Native Youth Council at the Licton Springs site

From 2018 to 2019, our Social Justice series focused on Environmental Equity through a range of community partnerships that engaged communities in Seattle neighborhoods including Seward Park, West Seattle, Northgate, and Sandpoint.

Reducing Our Footprint

We strive to reduce our impact on the environment through our collections and operations.

Digital collections

Use of e-books, streaming video and music, and online resources is steadily increasing as the resource-intensive circulation of physical books and other materials declines.

Floating collections

We reduce the impact of transporting materials by allowing many items to stay at the branch where they are returned.

Digital communications

We reduce the use of paper by doing a large portion of our communication with patrons via email, text or digital receipts. We also focus our marketing efforts on digital channels and social media.

Waste reduction

All 27 Library locations use recycling and compost to reduce the waste going to landfills. Some of our books are donated to the Friends of the Library for their sales when we take them out of circulation.