“Proximity Modifier Project IV”

In July and August of 2019, Bustillo held workshops at select branches to ask the question, Can a library be a place where you get to know yourself better—and maybe someone else too?

Bustillo’s project asked libraries, patrons and community members how they wanted to be seen as individuals and collectively. Using imagery, printmaking, and spontaneous collaborations, Bustillo explored social justice and social change in unique, free community art workshops.

About Romson Bustillo

Artist Romson Bustillo

Romson Bustillo is an interdisciplinary artist working in mixed media, printmaking and space coding.

Born in the Philippines, Romson Regarde Bustillo immigrated to Seattle with his family in 1978. He has spent extended periods of time working on his art in the Philippines, Mexico, and Spain. He maintains an art studio in the Central District of Seattle.