• Harboring Hope

    Harboring Hope

    Hood, Susan

    The inspirational true story of how twenty-two-year-old Henny Sinding courageously helped smuggle hundreds of Jewish families in occupied Denmark to safety in Sweden during the Holocaust.

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  • The House Swap

    The House Swap

    Clark, Yvette

    Allie is British and dreams of being a spy. Sage is an only child from sunny California. They meet when their families swap houses for the summer. Though they're polar opposites, Allie and Sage quickly realize that they're both dealing with family issues. Sage's parents may be on the brink of divorce, and Allie's struggling to feel heard in her big family. It may take a trip around the world for them to find their place at home. This sweet and emotional story is told in alternating chapters from each girl's point of view, offering two unique perspectives on family...

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  • The Broken Mirror

    The Broken Mirror

    De la Cruz, Melissa

    The Never After crew is back for another twisted adventure. This time, they're off to Snow Country, that is, after they rescue the beleaguered Lord Sharif of Nottingham from the evil Robin Hood, who has been plaguing the land with his thievery and mischief. But Robin's antics aren't the only dangers afoot in the Kingdom of Never After. At the behest of her daughter, the evil Cinderella, Queen Olga has turned Prince Charming into a Frog after his wedding to the beautiful Hortense. And how could we forget the ominous Prophecy, which still looms large over Filomena and her friends?...

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  • Rise of the School for Good and Evil

    Rise of the School for Good and Evil

    Chainani, Soman

    Two brothers. One good. One evil. Together they watch over the Endless Woods. Together they choose the students for the School for Good and Evil. Together they train them, teach them, and prepare them for their fate. Then, something powerful and unexpected happens that will change everything and everyone. Who will survive, and who will rule the school. The journey starts here. Every step is filled with magic, surprises, and daring deeds that test courage, loyalty, and who you really are.

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  • Yonder


    Standish, Ali

    Danny Timmons has looked up to Jack Bailey ever since Jack saved two small children from drowning during the Great Flood of 1940. Now, with his father away fighting in World War II and his mother about to have a new baby, Danny relies on Jack₂s friendship and guidance more than ever. So when Jack goes missing without a trace from their small Appalachian town, Danny is determined to find him. He wonders if Jack₂s abusive father could be behind his disappearance, or if it has anything to do with Yonder, a hidden magical town Jack once spoke of, where...

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  • Fight + Flight

    Fight + Flight

    Machias, Jules

    Avery Hart lives for the thrill and speed of her dirt bike and the pounding thump of her drum kit. But after she₂s diagnosed with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a disease that affects her joints, Avery splits her time between endless physical therapy and worrying that her fun and independence are over for good. Sarah Bell is familiar with worry, too. For months, she₂s been having intense panic attacks. No matter how much she pours her anxiety into making art, she can₂t seem to get a grip on it, and she₂s starting to wonder if she₂ll be this way forever. Just...

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  • Breda's Island

    Breda's Island

    Foley, Jessie Ann

    After Breda Moriarity gets caught stealing one too many times, Breda's mom sends her to Ireland, a place she has never been, to live with the grandfather she has never met. While Breda doesn't want to be in this strange land, she finally gets to meet Granda, her mom's father. He's a grumpy farmer who is also a seancha,̕ a traditional Gaelic storyteller. But the most important story is the one nobody will talk about: what happened to her absent father. If nothing else this summer, Breda is determined to figure out the truth about her family's history, and herself.

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  • Forbidden City

    Forbidden City

    Ponti, James

    After taking down a mole within their organization, the City Spies are ready for their next mission, once again using their unique skills and ability to infiltrate places adults can't. The sinister Umbra has their sights set on recruiting a North Korean nuclear physicist by any means necessary, and the City Spies plan to keep an eye on his son by sending Paris to the chess prodigy's tournaments in Moscow and Beijing. Meanwhile, Sydney's embedded as a junior reporter for a teen lifestyle site as she follows the daughter of a British billionaire on tour with the biggest act on...

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  • DaVinci's Cat

    DaVinci's Cat

    Murdock, Catherine Gilbert

    Federico doesn't mind being a political hostage in the Pope's palace, especially now that he has a cat as a friend. But he must admit that a kitten walking into a wardrobe and returning full-grown a moment later is quite odd. Even stranger is Herbert, apparently an art collector from the future, who emerges from the wardrobe the next night. Herbert barters with Federico to get a sketch signed by the famous painter Raphael, but his plans take a dangerous turn when he hurries back to his era, desperate to save a dying girl. Bee never wanted to move to...

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  • Candidly Cline

    Candidly Cline

    Ormsbee, Kathryn

    Born in Paris, Kentucky, and raised on her gram₂s favorite country music, Cline Alden is a girl with big dreams and a heart full of song. When she finds out about a young musicians' workshop a few towns over, Cline sweet-talks, saves, and maybe fibs her way into her first step toward musical stardom. But her big dreams never prepared her for the butterflies she feels surrounded by so many other talented kids especially Sylvie, who gives Cline the type of butterflies she₂s only ever heard about in love songs. As she learns to make music of her own, Cline...

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