• Cassandra in Reverse

    Cassandra in Reverse

    Smale, Holly

    After an extraordinarily bad day during which Cassandra Dankworth's boyfriend breaks up with her and she is fired from her job, she wakes up the next day and has the chance to do it all again, differently.

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  • Dual Memory

    Dual Memory

    Burke, Sue

    "Antonio Moro lost everything to the Leviathan League. Now he's alone in a city on an Arctic island fighting the ruthless, global pirates, with the chance to be the artist he always wanted to be. Unfortunately, he thinks it's a cover story for his real purpose -- spying on sympathizers. When things look bleak, he discovers an unusual ally. His new personal assistant program, Par Augustus. It's insolent, extroverted, moody, and a not-quite-legal nascent AI. Together they create a secret rebellion from unlikely recruits to defend the island from ideological pirates with entitlement and guns, and capitalist pirates with entitlement...

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  • Unwieldy Creatures

    Unwieldy Creatures

    Tsai, Addie

    "Unwieldy Creatures, a biracial, queer, gender-swapped retelling of Mary Shelley's classic novel Frankenstein, follows the story of three beings who all navigate life from the margins: Plum, a queer biracial Chinese intern at one of the world's top embryology labs, who runs away from home to openly be with her girlfriend only to be left on her own; Dr. Frank, a queer biracial Indonesian scientist, who compromises everything she claims to love in the name of science and ambition when she sets out to procreate without sperm or egg; and Dr. Frank's nonbinary creation who, painstakingly brought into the world,...

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  • The Roamers

    The Roamers

    Verso, Francesco

    The Pulldogs are a group of people that undergo anthropological transformations caused by nanites. This changes the way they eat and gives rise to a culture reminiscent of a creative and sustainable nomadic society. Using 3D printers and cloud computing, the Pulldogs make an impossible and anachronistic choice--is this new life really a good one?

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  • The Map of Time

    The Map of Time

    Palma, Félix J.

    London, 1896. Andrew Harrington's lover Marie Kelly was murdered by Jack the Ripper and he longs to turn back the clock and save her. Meanwhile, Claire Haggerty, forever being matched with men her family considers suitable, yearns for a time when she can be free to love whom she chooses. As their quests converge, it becomes clear that time is the problem--to escape it or to change it. Hidden in the attic of popular author--and noted scientific speculator--H.G. Wells is a machine that might offer them the hope they need!

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  • The Blighted Stars

    The Blighted Stars

    O'Keefe, Megan E.

    "She's a revolutionary. Humanity is running out of options. Habitable planets are being destroyed as quickly as they're found, and Naira Sharp thinks she knows the reason why. The all-powerful Mercator family has been controlling the exploration of the universe for decades, and exploiting any materials they find along the way under the guise of helping humanity's expansion. But Naira knows the truth, and she plans to bring the whole family down from the inside. He's the heir to the dynasty. Tarquin Mercator never wanted to run a galaxy-spanning business empire. He just wanted to study geology and read books....

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  • Dendera


    Sat, Yya

    "When Kayu Saito wakes up, she is in an unfamiliar place. Taken to a snowy mountainside, she was left there by her family and her village according to the tradition of sacrificing the lives of the elderly for the benefit of the young. Kayu was supposed tohave passed quickly into the afterlife. Instead, she finds herself in Dendera, a utopian community built over decades by old women who were abandoned like her. Together, they must now face a new threat: a savage bear who, like them, is female and hungry"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Titanium Noir

    Titanium Noir

    Harkaway, Nick

    "Cal Sounder is a detective working for the police on certain very sensitive cases. So when he's called in to investigate a homicide at a local apartment, he is surprised at first to see that the victim appears to be a rather typical, milquetoast techie. But on closer inspection, he finds the victim is over seven feet tall. And even though he doesn't look a day over thirty, he is actually ninety years old. Clearly, he is a Titan-one of this dystopian, near-future society's genetically-altered elites. There are only a few thousand Titans worldwide, all thanks to Stefan Tonfamecasca's discovery...

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  • Myriad


    Bellin, Joshua David

    "Agent Miriam Randle works for LifeTime, a private law enforcement agency that undertakes short-term time travel to erase crimes before they occur. Haunted by the memory of her twin brother's unsolved murder at the age of six, Miriam thinks of herself as Myriad--an incarnation of the many lives she's lived in her journeys to rearrange the past. When a routine assignment goes wrong and Miriam commits a murder she was meant to avert, she is thrown into the midst of a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of LifeTime"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Paradise-1


    Wellington, David

    "Paradise-1. Earth's first deep space colony. For thousands of people, it was an opportunity for a new life. Until it went dark. No communication has been received from the colony for months. And it falls to Firewatch inspector Alexandra Petrova and the crew of the Artemis to investigate. What they find is more horrifying than anything they could have imagined"-- Provided by publisher.

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