• Useful Junk

    Useful Junk

    Meitner, Erika

    "A master of documentary poetry, Erika Meitner takes up the question of desire and intimacy in her latest poetry collection"--

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  • Leaving California

    Leaving California

    Lanegan, Mark

    Leaving California is the new collection by Mark Lanegan, compiling 76 poems that merge the line of harsh reality and paranoia, beauty and reflection, and the wisdom of the escape artist. There are amends and curses amongst stories that one can only tell once they've seen everything and everything collapse. In many ways this is part two of Lanegan's best selling 2020 novel, Sing Backwards and Weep, where loose ends are tied and others left for dead. A brilliant work of true transformation, these poems also chronicle Lanegan's exit from California for the literal greener pastures of Ireland. As someone...

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  • Chalked

    Burwell, Kaci

    Photographs of poetry written in chalk in public spaces.

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  • Compulsively, Spilled

    Was, Elizabeth

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  • The Heart of American Poetry

    The Heart of American Poetry

    Hirsch, Edward

    "We live in unsettled times. What is America and who are we as a people? How do we understand the dreams and betrayals that have shaped the American experience? For poet and critic Edward Hirsch, poetry opens up new ways of answering these questions, of reconnecting with one another and with what's best in us. In this landmark new book from Library of America, Hirsch offers deeply personal readings of forty essential American poems we thought we knew--from Anne Bradstreet's "The Author to Her Book" and Phillis Wheatley's "To S.M. a Young African Painter, on seeing his Works" to Garrett...

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