• A God at the Door

    A God at the Door

    Doshi, Tishani

    "In an era of pandemic lockdown and brutal politics, Tishani Doshi's poems make vital space for what must come next-the return of wonder and free movement, and a profound sense of connection to what matters most. From a microscopic cell to flightless birds, to a sumo wrestler and the tree of life, Doshi interrupts the news cycle to pause in grief or delight, to restore power to language. A God at the Door invites the reader on a pilgrimage-one that leads us back to the sacred temple of ourselves. This is an exquisite, generous collection from a poet at the...

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  • Jim Harrison

    Jim Harrison

    Harrison, Jim

    "This tour de force contains every poem Harrison published over his fifty-year career, as well as a section of unpublished "Last Poems." Here are the nature-based lyrics of his early work, the high-velocity ghazals, a harrowing prose-poem "correspondence" with a Russian suicide, the riverine suites, fearless meditations inspired by the Zen monk Crazy Cloud, and a buoyant conversation in haiku-like gems with friend and fellow poet Ted Kooser"--

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  • The Nick of Time

    The Nick of Time

    Waldrop, Rosmarie

    "'If memory serves, it was five years ago that yours began to refuse,' Rosmarie Waldrop writes to her husband in The Nick of Time. Does it feel like crossing from an open field into the woods, the sunlight suddenly switched off? Or like a roof without edge or frame, pushed sideways in time?' Ten years in the making, Waldrop's phenomenally beautiful new collection explores the felt nature of existence as well as gravity and velocity, the second hemisphere of time, mortality and aging, language and immigration, a Chinese primer, the artist Hannah Höch, and dwarf stars. Of one sequence, 'White...

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  • The Truth of You

    The Truth of You

    Thomas, Iain S.

    "This is the truth of you. Because you are all I see. Because you are all I breathe. Because when I cannot find you, I am lost. Because when I'm with you, I am found. Because you have the fire of the universe in you, and sometimes you forget. So this book is here to remind you"--Publisher's description.

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  • The Last Thing

    The Last Thing

    Rosal, Patrick

    "New poems by Patrick Rosal, along with generous selections from his first four collections"--

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  • The Future of Black

    The Future of Black

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  • Villainy


    Abi-Karam, Andrea

    "In order to live through the grief of the Ghost Ship Fire and the Muslim Ban, Villainy foments political action in public spaces, and indexes the various emotional states, such as rage, revelry, fear, grief, and desire to which queers must tend during protest. In scenes loaded with glitter, broken glass, and cum, Abi-Karam insists that in order to shatter the rising influence of new fascism we must embrace the collective work of antifascists, street medics, and queer exhibitionists and that the safety that we risk is reckless and necessary. Disruptive and demanding, these punk poems embody direct action and...

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  • Lightning Falls in Love

    Lightning Falls in Love

    Kasischke, Laura

    "In her stunning twelfth poetry collection, Lightning Falls in Love, Laura Kasischke makes magic with a complex alchemy of nostalgia and fire, birdwing and sorrow. In new poems that search the murky lake for news of the past, she evokes unsayable trauma and gleans possibility. This is poetry that is existential in scope but grounded in the body, surreal yet suburban, reaching for clarity just beyond the fog of the day-to-day. Kasischke has found an entirely new way to spin beauty and pull breath from that which must be dredged up and revived before it can be left behind"--

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  • When Home Is Not Safe

    When Home Is Not Safe

    "Even if you haven't been hurt by domestic violence, someone you know has and wishes they could tell you about it. Perhaps you are a therapist, teacher, academic, or social worker who wants to help those who are suffering. Or maybe you are in an abusive relationship and need to know that you are not alone. The poetry, memoirs, and creative nonfiction pieces collected here tell of real incidents of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, as well as of those who left destructive and unsalvageable relationships. The beauty and truth of the language, as well as the honesty and courage...

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  • A Word to the Wise

    Staples, C. T.

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