• After


    Narayanan, Vivek

    "After is a collection of poems inspired by Valmiki's Ramayana, one of Asia's foundational epic poems and a story-cycle of formative historical importance all across South and Southeast Asia. On the Indian subcontinent, the Ramayana is not only central to religion and folklore but to the conduct of life. People take its characters as models of vice and virtue, courage and devotion, and politicians have been known to take advantage of the veneration in which the book is held. In the West, too, the Ramayana has long been recognized as one of the essential classics of world literature, on par...

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  • Selena Didn't Know Spanish Either

    Selena Didn't Know Spanish Either

    Tirado, Marisa

    "Selena Didn't Know Spanish Either is a debut poetry collection which seeks Tejano pop star Selena Quintanilla as a means of reconnecting to the speaker's cultural identity. As Spanish language and culture becomes more accessible to non-Latinx populations, the speaker grapples with her own complex story of assimilation. Modern marginalization, appropriation, tokenizing, and fetishizing are examined in this multi-generational memoir tracking a Latinx family's journey to assimilation. This dynamic collection is far-reaching, exploring BIPOC experiences in predominantly white cultures"--

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  • Girls That Never Die

    Girls That Never Die

    Elhillo, Safia

    "In Girls That Never Die, award-winning poet Safia Elhillo reinvents the epic to explore Muslim girlhood and shame, the dangers of being a woman, and the myriad violences enacted and imagined against women's bodies. Drawing from her own life and family histories, as well as cultural myths and news stories about honor killings and genital mutilation, she interlaces the everyday traumas of growing up a girl under patriarchy with magical realist imaginings of rebellion, autonomy, and power. Elhillo writes a new world: women escape their stonings by birds that carry the rocks away; slain girls grow into two, like the...

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  • Love Poems in Quarantine

    Love Poems in Quarantine

    Ruhl, Sarah

    "A collection of poems written by Sarah Ruhl"--

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  • Queer Nature

    Queer Nature

    "This anthology amplifies and centers LGBTQIA+ voices and perspectives in a collection of contemporary nature poetry. Showcasing over two hundred queer writers from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century, Queer Nature offers a new context for and expands upon the canon of nature poetry while also offering new lenses through which to view queerness and the natural world."--Publisher description.

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  • Oh, You Thought This Was A Date?!

    Oh, You Thought This Was A Date?!

    Price, C. Russell

    "C. Russell Price's debut collection is a somatic grimoire exploring desire, gender, and sexuality. It asks: What is radical vengeance? Does true survivorship from sexual trauma exist only in fantasy, or is it an attainable reality?"--

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  • Glory Hole

    Glory Hole

    Kim, Hyŏn

    "Kim Hyun's Glory Hole is the first Korean queer poetry collection. Featuring gay teens, elders, cats, caterpillars, robots, and other unexpected characters, Kim's fifty-one eccentric poems trace themes of love, sexual desire, abandonment, destitution, and death. In recounting the splendid yet tragic journeys of his speakers, Kim defies meaningful sense-making. His poems are a mishmash of dystopian sci-fi and pornography, storytelling and poetry, fictive references, and real figures. They are not embellished with elegant imagery; in fact, they are antithetical to it, opting instead for incoherent tense, unidiomatic expressions, and never-ending puns. After all, like LGBTQ+ people in many cultures,...

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  • Dear God. Dear Bones. Dear Yellow

    Dear God. Dear Bones. Dear Yellow

    Hindi, Noor

    "In this defiant and urgent collection, Palestinian American poet Noor Hindi explores Arab womanhood, migration, colonialism, and queerness with evocative lyricism."--Back cover.

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  • Someday the Plan of A Town

    Someday the Plan of A Town

    Boss, Todd

    "In 2018, acclaimed poet Todd Boss sold his belongings and began to circle the globe in a series of consecutive housesits. Reeling from marital, parental, and societal losses, Boss risks everything to be at one with the world. These poems conjure Spanish dust, English rain, French moss, Arizona cliffs, and Hungarian light, ringing all the while with timeless humor and wisdom. As much a commentary on modern-day America as a personal history replete with grief, Someday the Plan of a Town is a sensual, intellectual, and arrestingly musical map of one nomadic troubadour's journey to self"--

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  • The FSG Poetry Anthology

    The FSG Poetry Anthology

    "An anthology of poems published by FSG during its 75 year history"--

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