• What Happened to the Bennetts

    What Happened to the Bennetts

    Scottoline, Lisa

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  • Beautiful


    Steel, Danielle

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  • Delphine Jones Takes A Chance

    Delphine Jones Takes A Chance

    Morrey, Beth

    "A heartening and life-affirming novel about a single mother learning to make a bigger life, and the power of human connection to grow our worlds"--

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  • Silver Grass

    Silver Grass

    Nesbitt, John D.

    "Seventeen-year-old Wilsey Grant is on his own when he meets a traveler on foot. The two arrive in the town of Silver Grass, where the other man finds work washing dishes. Wilsey goes out to look for work and meets an indentured servant girl, an orphan like himself. Before long, the fellow traveler turns up dead. Wilsey goes to work at the nearby Emerald Peaks Ranch, where he hears of ranch hands terrorizing the settlers, and he witnesses the shooting of a homesteader boy. Wilsey shares his knowledge with the deputy sheriff, who arrests a ranch hand. Next, the owner...

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  • Red River Ruse

    Red River Ruse

    Washburn, L. J.

    "Billy Cambridge is a Texas lawyer 'round about 1887, but in his younger days, he was a Texas Ranger. Entrusted with transporting $20,000 across northern Texas, he enlists the aid of his ranch foreman, Nacho Graves. Both expect an uneventful trip but lay that thought to rest when their stage is held up by six bandits who have been very active in the area lately but who have managed to escape the law. Billy and Nacho, interested only in their own money, set out to find the gang. They do, through good detecting as much as tracking"--

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