• Love in the Time of Bertie

    Love in the Time of Bertie

    McCall Smith, Alexander

    "In the microcosm of 44 Scotland Street, all of life's richness is found in the glorious goings-on of its residents. There's Domenica, whose anthropological training has honed her observations of her neighbors; Matthew, whose growing triplets are more than a handful; Bruce, whose challenge as ever is thinking of anything but himself; and Big Lou, who may just have found her shot at romance. And of course, there's young Bertie Pollock, whose starry-eyed explorations of Edinburgh's New Town are a touching reminder that life itself is an adventure and there's joy to be found wherever you choose to look."--

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  • You Can Run

    You Can Run

    Zanetti, Rebecca

    "The Blacklist meets Luther combined with Justified in a brand new romantic thriller series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti, as FBI Special Agent Laurel Snow, a rising star profiler, strives to stay one step ahead of the criminal mind-and discovers that her own demons may be the hardest to outrun... Set in the atmospheric Pacific Northwest, the new series is centered on Snow, who gets drawn into an investigation in her hometown which somehow connects to the sister she didn't know she had. What follows is cat and mouse game that exposes the sisters...

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  • The Black Jacks

    The Black Jacks

    Manning, Jason

    "It was the worst nightmare come true for the fledgling Republic of Texas. The scattered Comanche bands have united into a mighty fighting force under a single great warrior chief and are sweeping over the vast Texas plains, avenging a massacre at the hands of the whites with a campaign of pure carnage. Sam Houston led Texans in the fight for independence from Mexico. Now he needs the assistance of the one man who has a chance of turning back the Comanche tide of terror-John Henry McAllen. McAllen and his volunteers, known as the Black Jacks, had fought side by...

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  • The Widow Wore Plaid

    The Widow Wore Plaid

    Jaxon, Jenna

    "The Battle of Waterloo made them widows, but each has found new happiness. And Jane, Lady John Tarkington, intends to keep her freedom, even if love--and one particular gentleman--are determined to claim her heart... It is a truth rarely acknowledged--at least in public--that a wealthy widow is free to pursue a great many adventures. For two years, Jane has privately enjoyed her independence. Why should she remarry, even when the gentleman proposing is as wonderful as Gareth, Lord Kinellan? She entreats him never to ask her again. But as her Widows' Club friends--now all joyfully remarried--gather at Castle Kinellan, Jane...

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  • Flight


    Griffin, Laura

    "When former forensic photographer Miranda Rhoads moves to the seaside town of Lost Beach, she's decided to make her living as a wildlife photographer and put crime scenes behind her. But her plans are quickly upended when one morning, she comes across a couple sleeping in a canoe, entwined in an embrace. Looking closer, she realizes the man and woman aren't asleep--they've been murdered. Detective Joel Breda sets out to find answers--not only about the unidentified victims in the marshy death scene, but also about the aloof and beautiful photographer who seems to know more about his investigation than he...

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  • A Light Beyond the Trenches

    A Light Beyond the Trenches

    Hlad, Alan

    "By April 1916, the fervor that accompanied war's outbreak has faded. In its place is a grim reality. Throughout Germany, essentials are rationed. Hope, too, is in short supply. Anna Zeller, whose fiancé, Bruno, is fighting on the western front, works as a nurse at an overcrowded hospital in Oldenburg, trying to comfort men broken in body and spirit. But during a visit from Dr. Stalling, the director of the Red Cross Ambulance Dogs Association, she witnesses a rare spark of optimism: as a German shepherd guides a battle-blinded soldier over a garden path, Dr. Stalling is inspired with an...

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  • Night, Neon

    Night, Neon

    Oates, Joyce Carol

    "From literary icon Joyce Carol Oates comes a brand-new collection of haunting and, at times, darkly humorous mystery and suspense stories. These are tales of psyches pushed to their limits by the expectations of everyday life--from a woman who gets lost on her drive home to her plush suburban home and ends up breaking into a stranger's house, to a first-person account of a cloned 1940s magazine pinup girl being sold at auction and embodying America's ideals of beauty and womanhood. Taken as a whole, the collection forms a poignant tapestry of regular people searching for their place in a...

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  • A Woman of Words

    A Woman of Words

    Hunt, Angela Elwell

    "Disciple Matthew, a former tax collector, is invited to work with Peter, James, and John in Jerusalem. He dreams of preaching and performing miracles like his fellow apostles, but he finds his dreams postponed because of a request from Yeshua's mother. Well aware of the passing years, Mary asks Matthew to help her record the stories of Yeshua while the eyewitnesses are still alive. Reluctantly, he agrees, though the longer he and Mary work together, the more difficult their task becomes. Not only are they pressured by opposition from friends and foes alike, but Gaius Caesar, better known as Caligula,...

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  • Beyond the Wire

    Beyond the Wire

    Shipman, James D.

    "October 1944: In the long, narrow undressing rooms in Auschwitz-Birkenau, prisoner Jakub Bak toils under the scrutiny of SS guards. Like other members of the Sonderkommando, Jakub was selected on arrival for an unthinkable job: sorting through the clothes of the dead and moving their bodies from the gas chambers to the crematoriums. In this hell within a hell, Jakub clings to the promise he made to his murdered father--to live, at any cost--and to the moments he is able to spend in the company of Anna, imprisoned in the women's camp. Every morning, Anna marches miles to the Union...

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  • My Monticello

    My Monticello

    Johnson, Jocelyn Nicole

    "A young woman descended from Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings driven from her neighborhood by a white militia. A university professor studying racism by conducting a secret social experiment on his own son. A single mother desperate to buy her first home even as the world hurtles toward catastrophe. Each fighting to survive in America. Tough-minded, vulnerable, and brave, Jocelyn Nicole Johnson's precisely imagined debut explores burdened inheritances and extraordinary pursuits of belonging. Set in thenear future, the eponymous novella, "My Monticello," tells of a diverse group of Charlottesville neighbors fleeing violent white supremacists. Led by Da'Naisha, a young Black...

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