• Deb Haaland

    Deb Haaland

    Martinez, Matthew J.

    "In 2021, Deb Haaland made history as the first Indigenous cabinet secretary. Serving as Secretary of the Interior, Haaland has championed climate and the rights of Native peoples. Discover Haaland's early life, her political career, and more"--

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  • Resistance


    Luzincourt, Frantzy

    "A young activist opens a window for young readers into his fight for equal education, racial justice, and economic equity. Born in Brooklyn, New York, to Haitian immigrants, Frantzy Luzincourt has dedicated his life to service and the empowerment of youth voices. When he was fifteen, Frantzy became the founding president of his high school's Black Student Union, where he advocated for more Black male teachers and for bringing social justice into school curriculum. Frantzy now fights to ensure that all students, no matter their background, have access to equitable schools where young voices are championed. After the murder of...

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  • Memories and Life Lessons From the Magic Tree House

    Memories and Life Lessons From the Magic Tree House

    Osborne, Mary Pope

    "Mary Pope Osborne recalls memories and lessons from her childhood side-by-side with quotations from her bestselling Magic Tree House series"--

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  • Agent Most Wanted

    Agent Most Wanted

    Purnell, Sonia

    "This is a historical nonfiction book about Virginia Hall, an American spy in France who the Nazis dubbed "the most dangerous of allied spies." It tells the story of her youth and her work in Europe during the second world war."--

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  • Knots for Kids

    Knots for Kids

    Tilton, Buck

    "Outdoor skills expert and veteran author Buck Tilton provides readers with accessible information on choosing the best knot for each situation, tying different types of common knots and hitches, selecting the best kinds of rope, and much more. With step-by-step instructions (for both righties and lefties) on tying the most used and useful knots, this book teaches children how to tie knots like the experts"--

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  • The Bedtime Book of Animals

    The Bedtime Book of Animals

    Akhter, Zeshan

    Introducing The Bedtime Book of Animals, a must-have animal reference book for all early readers who are keen to explore animals from all over the globe. Turn each page to find out more about a wide variety of animals, from teeny-tiny insects to gigantic elephants and whales. The Bedtime Book of Animals showcases creatures from each of the core animal groups (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates) in six dedicated chapters. Many pages are devoted to a different creature, with others featuring a collection of animals from the same family, and some explore more than one animal type, giving...

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  • Fun Painting Projects for Kids

    Fun Painting Projects for Kids

    McMullen, Louise

    Learn important skills to help you become a better artist with this super-fun collection of art projects. Louise McMullen, founder of the children's craft blog, Messy Little Monster, brings her experience as both a teacher and a mother to ensure there's a project for every artist, whatever your interest, ability or age. --

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  • The Wonders We Seek

    The Wonders We Seek

    Faruqi, Saadia

    "Discover the lives, stories, and accomplishments of many great accomplishments of many great Muslims throughout history. Many of the inventions and discoveries that we use in our lives today were created centuries ago -- during the golden age of Muslim empires and beyond. Art, music, astronomy, physics, mathematics, medicine, and so many other files of knowledge were shared and created and discussed in Arabia, Persia, Iraq, and India a very, very long time ago. This tradition of Muslim learning, dedication, and progress continues all across our world up to today." -- Back cover.

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  • Don't Look Back

    Don't Look Back

    Deng, Achut

    "I want life. For ten years, Achut Deng surrived at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya after her family was ripped apart by the Second Sudanese Civil War. But Achut wanted to do more than merely survive. She wanted to live. The twenty-two-year civil war essentially orphaned over 20,000 children and drove them from their villages in southern Sudan. Some of these children walked over a thousand miles, through dangerous war zones and across unforgiving deserts. They are often referred to as The Lost Boys. But there were girls, too. Achut Deng was one of them. This is her story. It's...

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  • The Girl's Guide to Relationships, Sexuality, and Consent

    The Girl's Guide to Relationships, Sexuality, and Consent

    Aguirre, Leah

    "Teen girls need clear and accurate information about relationships, sexuality, safety, and consent more than ever. Written by two experts in teen mental health, this much-needed guide offers empowering tools to help teen girls build self-esteem, clarifytheir values, understand their sexual identity and boundaries, decide what feels right for them, and what to do when things go wrong so that they can safely navigate dating online and in person"--

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