• Here Goes Nothing

    Here Goes Nothing

    Toltz, Steve

    Format: Book

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  • Never Been Kissed

    Never Been Kissed

    Janovsky, Timothy

    "Wren Roland has never been kissed, let alone been in love, but he wants that movie-perfect ending more than anything. Feeling nostalgic on the eve of his twenty-first birthday, he sends emails to all the boys he (ahem) loved before he came out. He didn't expect a response from Derick Haverford, Wren's #1 pre-coming-out-crush...but now that they're working together at their hometown's vintage drive-in theater, maybe that perfect-kiss-before-the-credits is finally within reach"--

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  • Valleyesque


    Flores, Fernando A.

    "Short stories set in the cracks of the Texas-Mexico borderland"--

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  • Everything Must Go

    Everything Must Go

    Pagán, Camille

    "Laine Francis believes there's a place for everything-and New York, where her family lives, isn't her place. But no sooner does the professional organizer's marriage begin to unravel than her sisters drop another bomb on her: their mother, Sally, may have dementia, and they need Laine to come home. Laine agrees to briefly return to Brooklyn. After all, bringing order to chaos is what she does best. To Laine's relief, Sally seems no more absentminded than usual. So Laine vows to help her mother maintain her independence, then hightail it back to Michigan. Except Laine's plans go awry when she...

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  • Idle Gossip

    Idle Gossip

    Patrick, Renee

    "Gossip columnist Lorna Whitcomb knows every dirty secret in Hollywood . . . except who killed her tipster. Sleuthing duo Lillian Frost and Edith Head investigate in this head-turning mystery. 1940, Los Angeles. Hollywood's famous gossip columnist, Lorna Whitcomb, has summoned Lillian Frost and her sleuthing partner, costume designer extraordinaire Edith Head, to her office. Lorna's 'leg man' Sam Simcoe - the man who finds the scandalous material for her column - is in trouble. Tipster Glenn Hoyle has been murdered, and Sam is the LAPD's only suspect. But Sam didn't just find Glenn's body when he paid him a...

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