• A Little Ray of Sunshine

    A Little Ray of Sunshine

    Higgins, Kristan

    "Harlow Smith thought she had finally achieved the quiet life she wanted-a little bookstore on Cape Cod, an apartment in her grandpa's house, a more or less happily single life-when the biggest secret from her past walked into town and changed everything. A kid walks into your bookstore and says to you, Guess what? I'm your son. The one you put up for adoption seventeen years ago. The one you never told anyone about. Surprise! His name is Matthew Walker, and he's come to spend the summer on the Cape with his parents. Why? Well, he wants to meet you...

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  • The Whispers

    The Whispers

    Audrain, Ashley

    "The Loverlys sit by the hospital bed of their young son who is in a coma after falling from his bedroom window in the middle of the night; his mother, Whitney, will not speak to anyone. Back home, their friends and neighbors are left in shock, each confronting their own role in the events that led up to what happened that terrible night: the warm, altruistic Parks who are the Loverlys' best friends; the young, ambitious Goldsmiths who are struggling to start a family of their own; and the quiet, elderly Portuguese couple who care for their adult son with...

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  • Harold


    Wright, Steven

    "From the outside, Harold is an average seven-year-old third grader growing up in the 1960s. Bored by school. Crushing on a girl. Likes movies and baseball -- especially the hometown Boston Red Sox. Enjoys spending time with his grandfather. But inside Harold's mind, things are a lot more complex and unusual. His thoughts come to him as birds flying through a small rectangle in the middle of his brain. Harold documents the meandering, surreal, often hilarious, and always thought-provoking stream-of-consciousness ruminations of the title character during a single day in class."-- Provided by publisher

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  • Cassandra in Reverse

    Cassandra in Reverse

    Smale, Holly

    After an extraordinarily bad day during which Cassandra Dankworth's boyfriend breaks up with her and she is fired from her job, she wakes up the next day and has the chance to do it all again, differently.

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  • An Island Princess Starts A Scandal

    An Island Princess Starts A Scandal

    Herrera, Adriana (Romance author)

    Enjoying one last summer of freedom before being trapped in a loveless marriage, Manuela accepts an invitation to show her paintings in Paris.

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  • Retrospective


    Vásquez, Juan Gabriel

    "The Colombian film director, Sergio Cabrera, is in Barcelona for a retrospective of his work. It's a hard time for him: his father, famous actor Fausto Cabrera, has just died; his marriage is in crisis; and his home country has rejected peace agreements that might have ended more than fifty years of war. In the course of a few intense days, as his films are on exhibit, Sergio recalls the events that marked his family's unusual and dramatic lives: especially his father's, his sister Marianella's and his own. Growing up in Colombia as the children of famous actors, Sergio and...

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  • Dual Memory

    Dual Memory

    Burke, Sue

    "Antonio Moro lost everything to the Leviathan League. Now he's alone in a city on an Arctic island fighting the ruthless, global pirates, with the chance to be the artist he always wanted to be. Unfortunately, he thinks it's a cover story for his real purpose -- spying on sympathizers. When things look bleak, he discovers an unusual ally. His new personal assistant program, Par Augustus. It's insolent, extroverted, moody, and a not-quite-legal nascent AI. Together they create a secret rebellion from unlikely recruits to defend the island from ideological pirates with entitlement and guns, and capitalist pirates with entitlement...

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  • Praise


    Cate, Sara

    "Broken down by her emotionally neglectful ex, all Charlie Underwood wants is someone to tell her she's good enough. Then she stumbles into a new job with a boss who brings her to her knees--literally. As an owner of the Salacious Players' Club, Emerson Grant knows exactly what he wants and isn't shy about his particular tastes. But when he mistakes Charlie for a candidate to be his new submissive instead of his son's ex-girlfriend, he immediately tries to correct the situation. He offers Charlie a job as his secretary and nothing more... Yet now that Charlie has seen a...

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  • Strawberry Mansion

    Strawberry Mansion

    Simmons, Julia Press

    A dramatic tale of three young friends who must rely on their connection to each other to weather tragic storms. Tabitha lost her freedom in high school when she hooked up with a boy who would impregnate her and make her his punching bag. Lisa is deemed "the strong one" by her friends, but her own past of sexual abuse and pregnancy at the hands of her stepfather keeps her one second away from falling apart as the drama builds. Their younger friend, Shanice, is a hellion, ready and willing to let any boy have her just to get the...

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  • Unwieldy Creatures

    Unwieldy Creatures

    Tsai, Addie

    "Unwieldy Creatures, a biracial, queer, gender-swapped retelling of Mary Shelley's classic novel Frankenstein, follows the story of three beings who all navigate life from the margins: Plum, a queer biracial Chinese intern at one of the world's top embryology labs, who runs away from home to openly be with her girlfriend only to be left on her own; Dr. Frank, a queer biracial Indonesian scientist, who compromises everything she claims to love in the name of science and ambition when she sets out to procreate without sperm or egg; and Dr. Frank's nonbinary creation who, painstakingly brought into the world,...

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