• King of Battle and Blood

    King of Battle and Blood

    St. Clair, Scarlett

    "In order to end a years-long war between vampires and mortals, Isolde must wed vampire king Adrian Aleksandr Vasiliev. But surviving the vampire court doesn't prove to be nearly as difficult as resisting the intense attraction between her and Adrian"--

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  • All Shades of Iberibe

    All Shades of Iberibe


    "In the Nigerian language Igbo "iberibe" means "messed up." This stunning short story collection by Kasimma grabs readers and pulls them into the cities and villages of today's Nigeria. Against the glare of smart phone screens, spirits of the dead flicker, elders admonish their grown children, rituals are done in secret, and the scars of war are just below the surface in the lives of astonishingly vivid characters. Kasimma's stories effortlessly inhabit the dark, alluring, and beautiful spaces between mystical Nigerian traditions and our strange contemporary condition"--

    Format: Book

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  • Stay Close

    Stay Close

    Coben, Harlan

    A bored suburban wife, a documentary photographer-turned-paparazzo, and a detective who cannot let go of a cold case hide secrets from their loved ones only to have the past return in dangerous ways.

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  • Wool


    Howey, Hugh

    "The first book in the acclaimed, New York Times best-selling trilogy, Wool is the story of a community living in an underground silo completely unaware of the fate of the outside world. When the silo's sheriff asks to leave the silo, a series of events unravels the very fabric of their fragile lives. In a world where all commodities are precious and running out, truth and hope may be the most rare...and the most needed"--

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  • Believing the Lie

    Believing the Lie

    George, Elizabeth

    Format: Book

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  • The Dragon Reborn

    The Dragon Reborn

    Jordan, Robert

    Format: Book

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  • Repentance


    Díaz, Eloísa

    "1981. Argentina is in the grip of a brutal military dictatorship. Inspector Joaquín Alzada's work in the Buenos Aires police force exposes him to the many realities of life under a repressive regime: desperate people, terrified people and--worst of all--missing people. Personally, he prefers to stay out of politics, enjoying a simple life with his wife Paula. But when his revolutionary brother Jorge is disappeared, Alzada will stop at nothing to rescue him. 2001. The country is in the midst of yet another devastating economic crisis and riots are building in the streets of Buenos Aires. This time Alzada is...

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  • Shaped by the Waves

    Shaped by the Waves

    Nelson, Christina Suzann

    "Cassie George has stayed away from her small hometown ever since her unplanned pregnancy. But when she hears that her aunt suffered a stroke and has been hiding a Parkinson's diagnosis, she must return. Greeted by a mysterious package, Cassie will discover that who she thought she was, and who she wants to become, are all about to change"--

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  • Foundation of Love

    Foundation of Love

    Clipston, Amy

    "In the first installment of bestseller Amy Clipston's brand-new series, an Amish widower with three grown sons discovers that another chance at love may be waiting for him"--

    Format: Book

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  • Sword & Planet

    Sword & Planet

    Ruocchio, Christopher/ Akers, Tim (CON)/ Matthews, Susan R. (CON)/ Butler, D.j. (CON)/ Hachmeister, L.j. (CON)

    "SCIENCE FICTION? FANTASY? IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR BOTH? The distant future-like the distant past-is a place of myths, of legends, and of great heroes. Cyborg knights battle extraterrestrial demons to rescue a peaceful village. A young girl unlocks an ancient power to protect her world from offworld colonists. Here are stories not where magic is science, but with magic and science. Not knights and castles, but knights and starships. Wizards and ray guns. Swords and planets. In D.J. Butler's "Power and Prestige," a pair of two-bit mercenaries are hired to solve a murder in a labyrinth beneath...

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