• The Power: A Novel

    The Power: A Novel

    Alderman, Naomi

    All over the world, teenage girls develop the ability to send an electric charge from the tips of their fingers.

    Format: Book - 2017 First North American edition

    Holds: 23 on 60 copies

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  • The Long Way to A Small, Angry Planet

    The Long Way to A Small, Angry Planet

    Chambers, Becky

    "When Rosemary Harper joins the crew of the Wayfarer, she isn't expecting much. The patched-up ship has seen better days, but it offers her everything she could possible want: a spot to call home, a chance to explore the far-off corners of the galaxy andsome distance from her past. And nothing could be further from what she's known than the crew of the Wayfarer."

    Format: Book - 2016 First edition

    Holds: 31 on 7 copies

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  • Persepolis Rising

    Persepolis Rising

    Corey, James S. A.

    Presents a latest entry in the best-selling series that includes Leviathan Wakes and Caliban's War and has inspired a major television series.

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 8 on 17 copies

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  • Gnomon: A Novel

    Gnomon: A Novel

    Harkaway, Nick

    A tale set in a near-future, high-tech surveillance state follows the suspicious death of a dissident in custody and finds state inspector Mielikki Neith immersing herself in the victim's world, where she encounters a panorama of characters and innovations that transform her perspectives.

    Format: Book - 2018 First American edition

    Holds: 3 on 14 copies

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  • The Stars Are Legion

    The Stars Are Legion

    Hurley, Kameron

    Amnesiac Zan is a prisoner, although her family insists that it's for her own good. They also claim that she represents their best hope for saving the Legion, their dying civilization of "world-ships." Yet Zan can't shake the feeling she's been here before, and that her family isn't really her family. Flawed characters and inventive world-building make this novel a good bet for fans of Iain M. Banks' Culture novels. -- Description by Gillian Speace

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 0 on 6 copies

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  • At the Table of Wolves

    At the Table of Wolves

    Kenyon, Kay

    A woman with a talent for drawing out truths that people most wish to hide, Kim Tavistock, a test subject at an ultra-secret site called Monkton Hall, is recruited for a mission to expose the head of the facility, who is believed to be a German spy, and she must infiltrate the upper-crust circles of some of England’s worst fascist sympathizers to expose a traitor.

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 1 on 5 copies

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  • The Stone Sky

    The Stone Sky

    Jemisin, N. K.

    Jemisin concludes her Broken Earth trilogy (The Obelisk Gate, 2016, etc.), about a vengeful Earth whose tectonic instability can be controlled by the despised and feared orogenes.

    Format: Book - 2017 First Edition

    Holds: 13 on 19 copies

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  • Six Wakes

    Six Wakes

    Lafferty, Mur

    The fantasist author of the hilarious The Shambling Guide to New York City (2013) ventures into science-fiction horror. The immediate setup will be familiar to mystery fans: five dead bodies, variously stabbed, poisoned, or hanged, and no survivors. Whodunit?

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 1 on 5 copies

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  • Death's End

    Death's End

    Liu, Cixin

    What if alien civilizations do exist? In this final installment of a stunning and provocative trilogy (The Dark Forest, 2015, etc.), Liu teases out the grim, unsettling implications.

    Format: Book - 2016 First edition

    Holds: 18 on 5 copies

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  • Noumenon


    Lostetter, Marina J.

    In Lostetter's ambitious debut, the year is 2088, and humankind is finally ready to explore deep space, preparing to send convoys of clones on eons-long missions to investigate the outskirts of the galaxy.

    Format: Book - 2017 First edition

    Holds: 1 on 3 copies

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