• Children of Blood and Bone

    Children of Blood and Bone

    Adeyemi, Tomi

    When Zélie was young, her mother and all maji were murdered by the monarchy. With the help of her brother and the king’s own daughter, they fight the violent crown prince to try to restore magic and free her enslaved people. A well written, action-packed, female-empowered first in a trilogy.

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  • The Daughters of Ys

    The Daughters of Ys

    Anderson, M. T.

    Haunting graphic novel based on ancient Celtic fairy tale; a dark story of deceit, secrets, tragedy and two magical sisters who choose different paths that lead to an ultimate confrontation.

    Format: Graphic Novel

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  • City of the Uncommon Thief

    City of the Uncommon Thief

    Bertrand, Lynne

    Mystery, deceit, magic, murder, love and adventure are all in this thrilling and unique story. Set in a completely walled off city, most people live their whole miserable lives locked in their guild tower, until Errol Thebes uncovers a sinister plot and blows the city open. A great read for those who love detailed world building, mysteries, complex plots, and fans of Leigh Bardugo.

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  • A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

    A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

    Brown, Roseanne A.

    A heart-pounding fantasy of magic, intrigue, dark secrets and evil spirits based on West African folklore, Malik makes a bargain with a spirit to kill the Princess Karina Alahari in return to free his kidnapped sister. But Karina has made her own bargains and now the two are on a deadly collision course.

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  • The Reader

    The Reader

    Chee, Traci

    The day her parents were murdered, Sefia fled to the forest with her aunt Nin, and a strange rectangular object she learns is a book. Now Nin has been kidnapped, and the mute boy Sefia saves from a life of cage fighting is teaching her to read, while she keeps them alive and discovers the secrets of her past. First in a series, the next book is The Speaker. MS

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  • Wicked as You Wish

    Wicked as You Wish

    Chupeco, Rin

    Retelling of fairy tales including evil immigration agents, the curse of a snow queen, a disposed prince, a petulant firebird, and a large, loving, magical, Filipino family complete with generations of highly skilled Tio and Tia assassins/bodyguards, hiding out in a town so boring magic is undetectable.

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  • The Belles

    The Belles

    Clayton, Dhonielle

    Beauty is everything. People change their skin, eye, hair color and shape daily through the magic of the Belles. Not is all as it seems - the future queen is cruel and evil, and there are dark and dangerous secrets around the Belles. First in a series MS

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  • Incendiary


    Córdova, Zoraida

    Renata Convida was kidnapped and brainwashed as a child so her powers could be used as a weapon against the people. Now she is working with the rebels to overthrow the regime that hunts them down but everyone seems to be hiding secrets; no one knows who to trust and time is running out for anyone with magic.

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  • Broken Wish

    Broken Wish

    Dao, Julie C.

    What makes a witch "wicked"? Is it being different, an independent woman, understanding how plants work or is it having to defend herself from cruel, small-minded townspeople? Retelling of fairytale legends from the perspective of the women at the center of them. MS

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  • The Gilded Ones

    The Gilded Ones

    Forna, Namina

    Red blood means you are "pure" gold blood means you are "tainted" with powers. Deka does not fit in her village and now her gold blood marks her as an outcast. After months of torture she is given a chance to join a quasi-immortal band of woman warriors fighting for the emperor. But this is just another cage and now Deka and her sisters must fight for true freedom for women. MS

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