• Small Town Pride

    Small Town Pride

    Stamper, Phil

    Jake is the first out gay kid in his Ohio town, and while he doesn’t want to hide it, he didn’t necessarily expect his dad to hang a massive Pride flag outside their house. After some nasty reactions from neighbors, Jake decides his town needs their first Pride parade.

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  • The Chance to Fly

    The Chance to Fly

    Stroker, Ali

    Nat thought moving across the country, away from her best friend and wheelchair racing team, would be devastating. To her surprise, she finds camaraderie, acceptance, and possibility among a group of teens putting on Wicked.

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  • The Sunbearer Trials

    The Sunbearer Trials

    Thomas, Aiden

    Each decade, the power of Sol must be recharged through human sacrifice, and the quest to be the Sunbearer is a fight for your life. How will Teo survive against much more powerful teens?

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  • The Shape of Thunder

    The Shape of Thunder

    Warga, Jasmine

    Cora has grieved for her older sister for a year since she was killed in a school shooting by her best friend Quinn’s older brother. When Quinn proposes they find a time portal to go back and change things, Cora isn’t sure it will work, but she has to try, right?

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  • Healer and Witch

    Healer and Witch

    Werlin, Nancy

    In 15th Century France, Sylvie accidentally misuses her power to heal and instead harms her mother, so she sets off to find a woman who can help her set things right.

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  • Coming Back

    Coming Back

    Zabarsky, Jessi

    Preet and Valissa find themselves and their community divided when a dangerous mist appears and Valissa leaves home to find it and Preet breaks one of their community’s sacred rules. GN

    Format: Graphic Novel

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  • Star Child

    Star Child

    Zoboi, Ibi Aanu

    Part biography, part ode, part diary, and wholly impressive, this book chronicles the life of visionary author Octavia Butler through poetry, prose, and artifacts.

    Format: Book

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